Administering an intramuscular injection
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Whether you are a beginning or an experienced nurse educator, you will get new ideas for your teaching in our Nurse Educator Tips for Teaching podcast. Experts share teaching strategies you can use with your nursing students. Recent episodes include:

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Lippincott Digital Product training is available for customers who want to learn how to successfully use our digital products in an online teaching environment. Our Nursing Education Consultants are experienced, distance-learning, educators who offer their best practices and strategies for effective instruction using CoursePoint products, vSims, DocuCare, PassPoint and Lippincott Clinical Experiences.

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Recordings are available; contact your sales representative to receive a copy.

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The NCSBN will make modifications to both the NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® parameters as of October 1, 2020:

  • The exam has a shortened time limit of five hours.
  • The minimum number of true test items is 60.
  • The maximum number of true test items is 130.
  • 15 pretest items will be reintroduced so minimum length exam is 75 items and max is 145 items with these questions included.
  • The difficulty level and passing standard is unchanged.
  • The current Run Out of Time (root) scoring rule is no longer applicable. The final ability estimate is computed from the response to all completed items. Those scoring above the passing standard will have a passing exam, otherwise the exam will be scored as a fail.
  • For NCLEX-RN®, the voluntary NGN Special Research Section will be reintroduced.

Lippincott® PassPoint can mimic these test parameters to help students practice for this modified exam.

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