Digitize your General Meetings, Board Meetings & other formal meetings

easyQuorum meeting management software helps you automate the creation of meeting documents, send meeting invitations and create a secure environment for shareholders or directors to make a proxy and vote online. easyQuorum allows you to organize online meetings and simplifies your daily legal life by: 


legal tech tools

providing new tools for legal and corporate lawyers.

legal tasks

reducing time spent on tedious, no-value tasks.

team productivity

increasing team productivity.

Discover all the legal tools to digitize and automate your meetings
easyQuorum is designed to help legal professionals simplify meeting organization, reporting and monitoring.

easyQuorum voting

Create an ultra-secure, branded voting space for pre-voting before the AGM and written consultations

  • Send invitations online in a few clicks, by post (simple or registered letter) or by email
  • Electronic proxy
  • Reminder to participants
  • Anonymous voting 
  • Up to 500,000 participants
easyQuorum digitize meetings

Digitise all your meetings: Boards (councils, committees...) and General Meetings

  • Highly secure space in your own colours
  • Send invitations online
  • Sharing of documents
  • Electronic voting and proxy
  • Integrated video-conferencing
  • Automated creation of minutes
easyQuorum online meetings

Simplify the organisation of your AGMs in hybrid or in-person format

  • Electronic attendance sheet
  • Webcast of the event
  • Invitation with QR Code
  • Send invitations online by post or email
  • In-person voting / Remote voting
  • Management of paper votes
  • Quorum tracking
easyQuorum general meetings online

Organise your General Meeting online, with voting and video conferencing

  • Highly secure space in your own colours
  • Integration of your videoconference
  • Voting in real time
  • Management of electronic proxies
  • Quorum monitoring

easyQuorum features


Digitisation of board meetings

Simplification and security of boards, committees...

  • Follow-up of registered mail
  • Sending emails, sms and reminders
  • Customisation of the participants' area
  • Electronic proxy
  • Live voting 
  • Video conference
  • Webcast
  • Secret ballot 
  • Double authentication
  • Securing sensitive documents

Shareholder's space

Creation of a secure space for shareholders, members, directors...

  • Double authentication
  • Consultation of the agenda
  • Submission of candidatures
  • Electronic voting and proxy
  • Secret ballot 
  • Consultation and annotation of documents
  • Securing sensitive documents
  • Access from a computer, mobile or tablet browser

Organisation of governing boards and councils

Simplified organisation of general meetings and councils.

  • Sending emails, sms and reminders
  • Quorum and attendance monitoring
  • Participation statistics
  • Monitoring of attendance
  • Validation workflow
  • Invitation Agenda 
  • Declaration of beneficial owner

Generation of legal documents

Automation of the production of legal documents

  • Generation of convocations, resolutions, minutes, attendance sheet...
  • Template of convocation mail
  • Automation by importing Excel files

Sending out invitations

Secure online sending of convocations in a few clicks

  • Automated generation of invitations and resolutions
  • Control of deliverability
  • Sending of summonses by email or by post (simple or registered letter)
  • Follow-up of registered mail
  • Certificate of dispatch
  • Sending of reminder emails

Quorum tracking

Automated and secure Quorum monitoring

  • Quorum and attendance monitoring
  • Follow-up of participants
  • Sending emails, sms and reminders
  • Participation statistics
  • Attendance monitoring

Online voting and proxy

Secure electronic voting and proxy

  • Electronic proxy
  • Quorum and attendance monitoring
  • Generation of minutes and attendance sheet



In-person voting

Dematerialisation of in-person voting

  • Real-time voting
  • From a smartphone or tablet
  • Secure voting
  • Management of proxies

Vote and proxy by mail

Outsourced management of votes or proxies sent by mail

  • Letter T
  • Receipt of votes by mail
  • Receipt of proxies by mail
  • Scanning of documents
  • Automatic integration

Live Vote & Videoconference

Organisation of videoconference meetings with real-time voting

  • Control of deliverability
  • Electronic proxy
  • Live Vote
  • Videoconferencing
  • Webcast
  • Dual authentication
  • Multi-access company

Hybrid AGMs/Councils

Organisation of hybrid meetings, with part of the participants in remote mode and the other in-person mode

  • Generation of a pass with QR code
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Video conferencing
  • In-person voting
  • Remote voting

Electronic sign-up

Signature of the electronic attendance sheet 

  • Signature via tablet
  • QR code compatible
    o QR code reader
    o Smartphone / Tablet


Security guarantee 

  • Certificate of dispatch
  • Audit trail
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Annual Pentest


Compliance with all GDPR regulations

  • Audit trail
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Annual Pentest
  • Data privacy
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