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Preparing a session

Preparing a session

  • Create a session in a few clicks
  • Quickly create members' online spaces thanks to the smart integration of a spreadsheet
  • Manage authorisations, voting weight and a simplified number of votes
  • Quickly generate legal documents thanks to our smart templates
  • Simplify communication with contributors
Convene your members

Convene your members

  • Send meeting invitations by email and/or registered letter directly from the interface
  • Deliverability test available on request
  • Add documents as required to emails and the secure online space
  • Monitor meeting invitations, participation, proxy votes and authorisations in real time
Voting using easyQuorum

Voting using easyQuorum

  • Add resolutions intuitively using predefined templates and/or by writing from scratch
  • Automatic live calculation of the quorum
  • Live voting with videoconferencing and results displayed live
  • Voting in written consultation format
  • Live elections
After the session

After the session

  • Automatic generation of minutes, with integrated voting results
  • Documents sent to be signed directly via the interface
  • Advanced Contralia electronic signature by Docapost
  • Option to integrate your electronic signature solution (DocuSign, Universign, etc.)
  • Monitor and remind signatories via the easyQuorum online space
Ultra-secure solution

Ultra-secure solution

  • Access to all previous, current and future sessions via the calendar and smart search
  • Access to all intelligently classified documents
  • Servers hosted in France in 27001-certified infrastructure that is not affected by the Cloud Act
  • Meets OWASP requirements
    • Data and communication encryption
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Monitor logins
    • Regular penetration tests
    • Monitoring
    • HR awareness
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