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Board Portal

Board Portal

A highly secure space accessible to directors and governance meeting attendees. This platform offers participants:

  • meeting schedules
  • shared confidential documents
  • agendas
  • minutes

There is a host of features for annotating documents, communicating with organisers, engaging with other participants, conducting elections, voting and more.

Organize governance meetings

Organising governance meetings

easyQuorum simplifies the organisation of your governance meetings:

  • Plan sessions
  • Send meeting invitations
  • Manage attendance
  • Send reminders, conduct surveys
  • Sign documents electronically


Our meeting digitisation tool gives you access to the leading videoconferencing solutions: Teams, Zoom, Webex®, Apizee and others.

Participants connect to the secure space and join the videoconference directly.

During videoconferences, participants can access secure documents, ask written questions, vote in real time etc.

You can also organise hybrid meetings, with some participants in person while others use videoconferencing.

What are the benefits of digitising board and committee meetings?


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easyQuorum protects the sensitive information associated with your governance meetings.

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Efficiency and savings

Your teams become more efficient, and you get one open-ended product for all your governance meetings.

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Make it easier to work together to prepare and hold your meetings.

Board Portal offers many features beyond those described here.
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Frequently asked questions about digitising board meetings

  • How is data secured?
    Data is stored in France in an ultra-secure data centre. We offer highly secure login methods for each participant: two-factor authentication or single sign-on (SSO). In addition, our systems undergo security testing by external entities at least once a year.
  • How many meetings can I organise using easyQuorum?
    You can digitise as many meetings as you like, with no restrictions.
  • Do I need training?
    During the onboarding phase, an expert in digital transformation from our Corporate Office assists you. They can train organisers as well as participants. Training is often unnecessary because the solution is very user-friendly.

Why do our customers use easyQuorum's Board Portal?


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