Manage all of your General Meetings with a complete, secure and scalable solution.

General Meetings are an important time for a company’s image. Effective organisation and creating an environment conducive to participation are key factors in the success of a GM. With the large number of attendees, the necessity to reach a Quorum, the growing need for security and the associated bureaucracy has made organising GMs a real challenge.

With easyQuorum, you can efficiently manage all your General Meetings with a unique, secure and flexible SaaS solution:

  • Automate repetitive tasks and simplify the process of preparing for General Meetings and producing legal documents,
  • Offer your shareholders, members and directors a secure online space to consult documents, issue a proxy authorisation or cast a vote electronically, participate in an online GM, etc.,
  • Centralise all votes and proxies in one platform,
  • Monitor participation and manage reminders to attain a Quorum,
  • Meet your CSR commitments by reducing the amount of paper printed and sent,
  • Benefit from personalised support from a legal expert in digital transformation,
  • Reduce costs of organising meetings.

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