Discover the seamless integration of CCH iFirm AML, with your existing CCH Central software.
Our easy-to-use system and cloud-based platform offer unparalleled efficiency. Make CCH iFirm AML your trusted partner for AML compliance.
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Manage your AML compliance with CCH iFirm AML, an anti-money laundering software seamlessly integrated into the CCH suite from Wolters Kluwer.

Control your firm's AML practices with an all-in-one solution that not only saves you time but also fortifies your defenses against money laundering.

Unify and streamline your AML duties across your entire firm with CCH iFirm AML, integrating seamlessly with your existing CCH Central software. This powerful integration not only saves you precious time on compliance work but ensures you minimise risks, safeguarding yourself, your firm, and your staff from potential dealings with criminals.

Revolutionise your AML compliance practices with CCH iFirm AML—your trusted partner in the fight against financial crime. Explore the future of cloud-based anti-money laundering solutions tailored for accountants.

Save time with integrated systems

Save Time with Integrated System

Seamlessly integrate data into CCH Central, reducing the need for rekeying information into a separate system and avoid duplication of effort.

Save time with integrated systems

Happier Clients and Staff

Clients are onboarded quicker and easier with less hassle for both your existing clients, new prospects and the MLRO and admin staff.

Save time with integrated systems

Comprehensive Data Sources

CCH iFirm is powered by some of the most trusted names in AML and data verification, ensuring protection for you and your business.

Save time with integrated systems


Enjoy the flexibility and accessibility of a cloud-based solution, empowering you to manage AML compliance from anywhere, anytime.

Product Brochure

Anti Money Laundering

Our product overview, available to download below, will explain how this feature rich AML solution can support practices:

  • - Save time with integrated systems
  • - How we use comprehensive data sources to protect you and your business
  • - Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud based anti-money laundering solution
  • - Be an end-to-end solution for accountancy practices

How CCH iFirm AML works?

CCH iFirm AML is your complete AML solution that seamlessly integrates anti money laundering checks for CCH Central users into one centralised database.

CCH iFirm AML Workflow

Integration with CCH Central

In today's fast-paced business landscape, managing Anti Money Laundering (AML) obligations can be an arduous task. Wolters Kluwer UK is proud to present an AML solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing CCH Central software, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to AML compliance.

With CCH iFirm AML, you can now manage all your AML duties across your practice with one integrated AML software cloud solution, saving you time on compliance work. CCH iFirm AML integrates seamlessly with CCH Central, eliminating the need to retype data into a separate system. Once the AML checks have been run within CCH iFirm, the PDF results, including a pass/fail, are synced to CCH Document Management or readily available to download from the CCH iFirm Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AML?
    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) refers to the set of laws, regulations, and procedures designed to prevent the illegal generation of income through financial systems. It aims to detect and deter activities that could facilitate money laundering or terrorist financing.
  • Who can use CCH iFirm AML?
    CCH iFirm AML is our cloud-based anti-money laundering software for accountants, it is designed for CCH Central customers, specifically tailored to meet the anti-money laundering needs of UK accountants.
  • What is a risk-based approach to anti-money laundering?
    A risk-based approach involves assessing and managing the risks associated with money laundering. It allows organisations to allocate resources more effectively by focusing on higher-risk areas and ensuring a proportional response.
  • What is AML fraud?
    AML fraud refers to fraudulent activities that attempt to circumvent or manipulate Anti-Money Laundering processes for illegal financial gains.
  • How do I monitor AML?
    Monitoring AML involves actively overseeing transactions and customer activities to identify and report any suspicious or potentially illicit behaviour, along with any ongoing changes to a client status.
  • What are the benefits of KYC?
    Know Your Customer (KYC) helps businesses verify the identity of their clients, assess potential risks, and prevent illegal activities by ensuring transparency and accountability.
Why Choose CCH iFirm AML for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance?

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