Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, scattered documents and security risks.
Say hello to the no. 1 solution for digitalising corporate meetings in an efficient, transparent and secure way.

 Enable business growth | Legisway in house legal software

 Increase efficiency

No matter whether you’re organising a virtual or hybrid meeting, avoid stress and repetitive tasks by streamlining and automating e.g. sending convocations, drafting and sharing documents or managing proxies.

 Enable business growth | Legisway in house legal software

 Enhance transparency

Complying with regulatory requirements and reducing erros has never been easier: easyQuorum provides a single source of truth for communicating and collaborating with all the stakeholders e.g. by sharing documents in real-time or centralising vote collection and counting.

 Enable business growth | Legisway in house legal software

 Improve security

Organise your Board meetings and AGMs with access control, encryption, and secure data storage to protect against data breaches and unauthorised access. Benefit from robust security measures for peace of mind.

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"easyQuorum is extremely intuitive both for the legal department and for users."
Ghislain Houssel
Lead Legal Counsel, Qonto
Advanced and smart features
  • Document management
  • Electronic vote
  • Participant area
5 Essential Principles for Smart Document Management
easyQuorum provides a centralised repository for all documents related to the board meeting and AGMs, making it easy to manage and organise them efficiently. The upstream organisation of proceedings usually requires the input of several stakeholders. Intelligently work on a collaborative platform, structured with smart tasks workflows and access rights tailored to your organisation’s needs.  Organisers can upload, share, and collaborate on documents in real-time, ensuring that all attendees have access to the latest version. EasyQuorum's version control and tracking features make it easy to keep track of document changes. Finally, use internal templates for your company's documents to automate and simplify the creation of convocations, proxies, minutes, attendance sheets, etc.
Offer your participants a simple and efficient way to conduct voting during a Corporate meeting. The electronic vote feature allows attendees to cast their votes electronically, eliminating the need for manual paper-based voting. This not only saves time and resources but also reduces the risk of errors that can occur during manual vote counting. easyQuorum provides a reliable and secure way to collect and count votes, using robust security measures to ensure that all votes are kept confidential and secure. Moreover, the platform provides real-time vote counting, which allows attendees to see the results of the vote immediately. 
Offer a personalised and interactive area for your participants, where they can access all relevant meeting information, including the agenda, documents, and voting options. The smart participant area also allows attendees to view and manage their attendance status, cast a proxy vote, electronically sign documents and be informed about any updates or changes to the meeting. The participant area can be accessed from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet), a is useful for a successful full digital experience.
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