Discover legal tools to digitise and automate your general meetings and board of directors meetings.

List of features

  • Mutual Insurance
  • Legal Departments
  • Associations
  • Federations
  • Cooperatives
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate
  • ALL

easyQuorum is rapidly evolving, so it is possible that certain features are not present in this non-exhaustive list.

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Send meeting invitations

Send meeting invitations

With easyQuorum, all meeting invitations are sent by post and/or email from the platform in a few clicks:

  • Send via email
  • Send via standard delivery
  • Send via recorded delivery
Automate the creation of legal documents | general meeting software

Automate the creation of legal documents

Using Smart Model customisable templates, easyQuorum generates all documents related to proceedings:

  • Meeting invitation
  • Resolutions
  • Postal voting and proxy voting template
  • Proxy voting
  • Attendance sheet
  • Minutes
  • Reports
  • etc.
Shareholder space | general meeting software

Shareholder space

A secure space is created for shareholders and directors to:

  • Consult company legal documents (company registration, statutes, etc.)
  • Read meeting-related documents
  • Cast an electronic proxy vote
  • Cast an email vote
  • Ask questions in writing
Tools to aid organization: reminders, memos, surveys | legaltech

Tools to aid organisation: reminders, memos, surveys

There are a number of features available to simplify the organisation of meetings:

  • A poll for shareholders to determine a date for the general meeting
  • The ability to create reminders for the end of director terms of office, auditors
  • The ability to create electronic post-it notes

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