Manage all of your governance meetings with a complete, secure and scalable solution.

Regular governance meetings are key to building and growing a business. Yet, with more businesses operating internationally, the rise in the number of meetings and attendees and many directors moving to more rural areas, the growing need for security and the associated bureaucracy has made organising such meetings a real challenge.

With easyQuorum, the all-in-one solution for digitising your governance meetings, you can efficiently manage all your governance meetings with a unique, secure and flexible SaaS solution:

  • Automate repetitive tasks and simplify the process of preparing for meetings and producing legal documents,
  • Centralise, secure and make it easier to share documents, agendas and information relating to governance meetings,
  • Reduce costs by holding votes, elections and meetings remotely,
  • Make it easier for your directors to attend remotely,
  • Secure exchanges and sharing with administrators with a high level of confidentiality,
  • Monitor director attendance,
  • Put your CSR commitments into practice by reducing your business’ carbon footprint,
  • Benefit from personalised support throughout the process from a legal expert in digital transformation.

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