Automate the generation of your general meeting minutes


After company or association general meetings (LLC, PLC, etc.), minutes must be written up and signed. The minutes must contain information from the general meeting, such as the date, meeting location, the identity of the president, resolution voting results, information about the quorum, etc.
 With easyQuorum, you can record votes and generate minutes in just a few clicks.
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Minutes templates

Templates for meeting minutes

Generate meeting minutes using customisable templates. You can even create different templates for each of your companies.
Recording votes

Record votes

  • Create a list of the participants, and for each resolution, record their votes
  • Electronic proxy votes and remote votes are automatically incorporated
  • List any possible questions in writing
Generating minutes

Generate minutes

Once the votes have been recorded, the minutes are generated. You have the option to amend them.
Obtaining electronic signature of the minutes

Obtain electronic signature of the minutes

With easyQuorum, you can have the minutes electronically signed in no time. You select the signatories. They then receive an email inviting them to sign electronically. You receive a notification once the signatures have been obtained.
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What are the advantages of automating the generation of minutes?


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Increased productivity

easyQuorum simplifies the management of your general meetings or board of directors and saves you valuable time.


Promoting your corporate brand

Promoting your corporate brand: thanks to a dedicated interface, you will be able to promote your corporate brand to your shareholders, members or co-owners.


Centralizing your documents

All of your corporate legal documents are stored on the easyQuorum platform.

Frequently asked questions about the automated generation of general meeting minutes


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  • For which legal organisations is it possible to automate the generation of minutes?
    For many companies: PLC, LLC, joint-stock company, etc. or for associations.
  • Is it possible to add comments to the minutes?
    You can add notes to each resolution. It is also possible to add written questions that were asked during the session.
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