CCH GDPR Compliance

A complete solution to GDPR compliance and training.

Tailored to client

Tailored to each client

CCH GDPR Compliance software generates a customised data protection compliance programme, based on a self-assessment. Complete a short initial assessment to activate the tools you need.

Cost-effective application

Cost-effective application

Reduce costs with our GDPR software - a practical and cost-effective application that helps organisations to ensure ongoing compliance.

Minimise risk and penalties

Minimise risk and penalties

Log and report data breaches; deal with subject access requests; update all your privacy notices and keep your staff up to date all from a single location.

Train your staff

Train your staff

Run professional online awareness and training programmes with no extra effort on your part.

Simplify compliance efforts with compliance checklists

Simplify compliance efforts

Work through your compliance checklists, review consent processes and publish your notices, implement your data subject requests and data breach management processes, and more from a single location.

Ongoing compliance

Ongoing compliance

GDPR software that schedules quarterly reviews of ongoing processes such as processor and data sharing partners, breach incident management, data subject requests and employee education.

Work remotely regardless of geographic location

Work remotely

With our cloud-based solution, your teams can work together effectively, regardless of geographic location and size.

Support your clients

Support your clients

You can also use the CCH GDPR Compliance tool as an integral part of any GDPR services you are providing to your clients, or your clients can use it themselves.

“Organisations that are well prepared for GDPR have a distinct competitive advantage over those that are not. If clients ask us about GDPR, we want to be able to show that we understand the issues involved and that we’re taking all reasonable steps to comply. GDPR introduces a new principle of accountability – it’s not enough to just comply with the regulations, you have to be able to demonstrate compliance and prove the governance measures you’ve put in place. The CCH GDPR Compliance software makes this much easier to do, which is just one of the ways in which it helps us."


Andrew Guy, IT Director, French Duncan

Data Protection Officer

Review Data Protection Officer (DPO) requirements. Get started with a questionnaire to determine whether or not you need a DPO. CCH GDPR Compliance helps you understand whether or not your organisation needs a DPO, the role and responsibilities and provides vital background information and checklists.

Compliance checks

CCH GDPR Compliance has a series of compliance checklists for IT security, HR and marketing which help you comply with the requirements for the proper handling of Personal Information, from its collection through to its demise. With CCH GDPR Compliance you can easily assess your data protection risks and compliance status relating to consent, digital marketing and profiling, HR practices and IT security.

Data Mapping

Create a personal data inventory to understand whose personal data your organisation holds, why you hold it, under which lawful basis and for how long, what data you process, where it is kept and who you share it with.

 Map how an individual’s personal data is processed by your organisation. Based on your responses, CCH GDPR Compliance customises your governance documentation and data protection tools.


The GDPR states that most companies must keep a report of their organisation activities which relate to personal data and compels you to communicate certain details around the ways in which you collect and use personal data.

CCH GDPR Compliance generates the necessary templates and the code which you can embed in your company websites as well as privacy notices and records of processing activities. You will also be able to define your data protection policies and implement an online subject access request form. 

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