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Tax & Accounting05 July, 2023

How small accountancy practices can save time with integrated software

If you own or run a small accountancy practice, it’s perfectly legitimate to hold big ambitions to grow its workforce and client base. Yet in order to do so, you need the time away from day-to-day duties to build a growth strategy.

How do you find that time without compromising the quality of service you offer, or losing clients? The answer is that you have to deliver that same service in less time, and so need to make your practice as efficient as possible. In turn, that efficiency is only possible through the use of integrated, purpose-built accountancy software.

Moving your existing data and procedures to new software can sound daunting, particularly if your practice doesn’t have an in-house IT team. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK has published a short guide, available to download below, which explains how practices can adopt an incremental approach. You’ll learn how to:

  • break accountancy software down into core areas such as compliance, practice management and document management
  • integrate the applications you use to offer the greatest efficiency
  • ensure that purpose-built accountancy software isn’t a wasted cost for small practices
  • understand the software bundles available to accountants on the market

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