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Use smart models

Use intelligent document templates that include logic programming to allow advanced customisation of documents such as proxy nominations, attendance sheets, minutes and reports.

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Use custom variables

Create variables that you customise for each of the general meetings. These variables can be used in resolutions or in documents.

On-Demand Recordings

Generate general meeting minutes

Record the general meeting votes, and the minutes are generated automatically.

Automatically send documents as attachments to meeting invitations

Simplify how meetings are organised

All meeting invitations can be sent by email or post from the platform in just a few clicks. 
Documents that need to be attached to meeting invitations can be generated automatically.

  • Monitor attendance and send reminders to those who have not responded to invitations
  • Block directors’ calendars and send save-the-dates
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Direct mailing of general meeting documents

  • Simplify the management of your general meetings and save valuable time.
  • Promote your corporate brand thanks to a dedicated interface.
  • Customise the layout and content of your documents.
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Frequently asked questions about direct mailing documents

  • Is it possible to sign a document that's generated?
    All documents that are generated or uploaded can be signed electronically.
  • In what format are documents created?
    Documents are created in .pdf format. They are accessible from the meeting page.
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