Log in to the shareholder/member/representative space

Log in to the shareholder/member/representative space

With easyQuorum, you can create secure spaces for all participants.

You decide the level of secure access given to the space:

  • a secure token URL
  • a username/password combination
  • SSO

It's also possible to set up two-factor authentication (via SMS or security question) to verify the identity of the person logging in.

Consult meeting documents

Consult meeting documents

In this space, participants can view documents securely:

  • Documents are made available by the company
  • General Meeting and Board of Director documents: resolutions, meeting invitation, proxy votes, postal votes, management reports, etc.

Participants can view/annotate/download all documents. Depending on the sensitivity of the information, you can limit the number of downloads and control access rights.

Consult meeting documents

Electronic proxy voting

From the shareholder space, partners can cast a proxy vote simply and quickly.

They just need to name the person voting on their behalf and to specify any voting instructions.

The proxy document is then created. All that remains is to sign it electronically or manually.

Remote vote, sign electronically

Remote vote, sign electronically

From the shareholder space, partners can cast a postal vote. They must indicate their vote for each of the resolutions.

The ""postal vote"" document is then created and can be signed electronically via the platform or manually.



Organise a videoconference for your sessions. Associates or members can ask questions via real-time messaging, request to speak, take part and cast votes on resolutions in real-time. All this from the same browser.
Live voting

Live voting

Associates or members can vote on the resolutions of the session in real time.

  • Live voting
  • Live elections
  • Live results

A simple and intuitive solution, using just a single browser window.

A space in your colour scheme

A space in your colour scheme

The shareholder/member space is customisable. You can add your logo and change the colours.
The shareholder space is accessible via computer/smartphone/ tablet

The shareholder space is accessible via computer/smartphone/ tablet

Your shareholders will be able to view their space easily from their computer browser, smartphone (internet browser or iOS/Android app) or tablet.

What are the advantages of using the shareholder space?


Simplified communication

Simplify communication

Make relationships with your shareholders more streamlined.

Promoting your corporate brand

Promote your corporate brand

Thanks to a dedicated interface, you can promote your corporate brand to your shareholders.

Save time

Save time

Simplify shareholder tasks: they can cast a proxy or a remote vote in minutes.

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Frequently asked questions about the shareholder space

  • How do you create a shareholder space?
    On easyQuorum, the shareholder space is created automatically when a new company is added. This space can be accessed by your shareholders after the General Meeting invitation has been sent.
  • How do shareholders log in to the space?
    Once the meeting invitation has been sent, shareholders receive a link, a username and a temporary password. Shareholders must enter their password the first time they log in.
  • Is this space accessible to Directors?
    Yes, Directors can access information concerning their Boards of Director meetings from this space.
  • What is the cost of an electronic proxy vote or email vote?
    Shareholders can cast a proxy vote or vote by email from this space. Any fees associated with electronic signatures are the responsibility of the company. The price of electronic signature depends on your subscription.
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