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Improvement of digital work methods in a law firm

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Sylvenstein Rechtsanwälte is a boutique law firm based in Munich, founded by Dr. Dominik Herzog. It primarily works with medium-sized companies that either offer digital services or follow a digital approach. Unlike most law firms, the firm already had a digitally savvy way of working but recognized the need for further improvements and optimizations. They particularly emphasized the importance of an intuitive, efficient, and secure handling of their data and documents. The challenge was to find a solution that would facilitate smooth data migration, intuitive operation, and secure data exchange with clients.

To tackle this challenge, the firm opted to introduce the web-based law firm software "Kleos" by Wolters Kluwer. This software provides a comprehensive and intuitive user interface, allowing lawyers to digitally organize, standardize, and simplify their work. It enables access to data, secure storage and exchange of documents, as well as communication with clients in a secure manner. The implementation of Kleos reduced manual efforts in data and document management while simultaneously lowering operating costs, as no local server was needed anymore. Instead, all data is securely stored in the cloud, improving data reliability and availability.

The introduction of Kleos proceeded seamlessly and efficiently. Overnight, all data were where they should be: all files, court data, client data, and opposing party data were present and correctly assigned. Kleos not only improved the daily work of Sylvenstein Rechtsanwälte but also offered a more manageable and secure method for storing and exchanging documents. One of the features highlighted by the firm was the powerful search function of the software, enabling quick and efficient document retrieval, both at the workplace and on mobile devices. The integration of the "special electronic attorney mailbox" (beA) and email communication in Kleos enhanced efficiency and accuracy in communication with clients and other stakeholders. Additionally, "Kleos Connect" allowed the firm to securely share documents with clients, creating a secure space for collaboration.

Sylvenstein Rechtsanwälte's decision to further digitize their working methods has paid off. With Kleos, the firm could optimize its workflows, reduce costs, and ensure data security. The software also improved collaboration both internally and with clients, leading to higher satisfaction among the firm's employees. Dr. Dominik Herzog particularly emphasizes that easy access to all necessary information, regardless of location, has increased productivity and satisfaction among his staff. Overall, his firm successfully completed the transition to an even more digitized way of working. Looking to the future, the firm is now better equipped to tackle the challenges of the digital age and provide high-quality services to its clients.

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