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Tax & Accounting05 July, 2023

How small accountancy practices can build a growth strategy

An ambitious small practice needs to observe business metrics beyond day-to-day duties. You won’t grow just through being a good accountant – though naturally, that’s very important!

If you’re focused on providing a good service, that leaves less time to think about areas as:

  • Optimising productivity, both individually and collectively
  • Relationship management with colleagues and clients
  • Marketing and client acquisition
  • Expanding your workforce

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK has identified more than 30 key performance indicators that ambitious practices should consider. These go far beyond the basics of turnover, return and profit. They’re all crucial metrics of success if you want to grow your small practice.

However, in order to do so, you’ll need to free up some more time. So how do you do that without compromising the quality of your service? The answer lies in purpose-built accountancy software that streamlines your working routine. This helps you to complete more work in less time, and thus focus on building a practice growth strategy.

Download our guide to read about more than 30 KPIs you could be tracking to grow your small accountancy practice.

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