Keeping our clients up-to-date on Passport® is our priority so you can get the most out of your technology investment. To help clients more efficiently manage legal matters, better control costs, improve legal service delivery, and drive better outcomes, we're constantly improving Passport: adding new functionality, processes, and compatible solutions.

By actively working with clients to gather feedback, we're able to quickly respond to client needs and industry trends with each Passport release. This ensures ongoing value.

The Passport Evergreen Program gives customers the ability to update Passport once a year at no additional services cost. ELM Solutions will work with the customer to schedule an update project, helping customers to realize the value of their Passport investment.

This program is available to clients every 12 months at no cost and includes:

  • Update of your platform, applications, modules, libraries, and connectors to latest version
  • Update of your customization to maintain compatibility
  • Testing of base product updates, its configurations, and customizations
  • Update to latest application security standards

Key benefits:

  • No budget required: All services are provided to the customer at no charge.
  • Quick updates: Automated testing tools and services experts get updates completed in one to three months.
  • Compatibility with new products: Staying up-to-date on Passport allows clients to take advantage of new product innovations, such as Office Companion, Legal Service Requests, and LegalVIEW® dashboards.
  • New features: As we enhance Passport with new features, workflows, analytics, and UI improvements, clients will be able to get more value out of their investment and be sure their users are getting the latest capabilities they need to efficiently manage matters and legal spend.
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