The common bond

Our four company values serve as guidelines for our employees and are at the heart of the company's future success – representing the One Wolters Kluwer approach, the common bond across all Wolters Kluwer businesses and employees.

World Values Day is an event we celebrate annually to increase awareness about the meaning and practice of values around the globe and it demonstrates how action-oriented and participatory our company values are.

Focus on customer success

Customers are at the center of everything we do

  • We measure success by our ability to help advance our customers’ work and their professions;
  • We learn from customers and provide solutions that support them best; and
  • We treat our customers with honesty and respect.

Make it better

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation

  • We are inspired by opportunities and challenges, and eager to act;
  • We focus on innovations that matter; and
  • We are global citizens who care and give back.

Aim high and deliver

We're responsible for the right results

  • We are determined: we work hard and smart;
  • We set clear goals and focus on speed and quality in reaching them; and
  • We demonstrate personal and professional integrity: we set high standards for ourselves in all we do.

Win as a team

We're stronger together

  • We create rewarding work environments: we inspire and support each other to achieve success;
  • We are one team: we collaborate and share knowledge across Wolters Kluwer; and
  • We value diversity: we are open and inclusive and treat each other with respect.
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