Easy to use and effective implementation

Give your students vital charting exposure with the most trusted educational EHR in nursing education. Designed and refined by nurse educators, Lippincott DocuCare enhances clinical learning by contextualizing realistic patient care scenarios with hands-on documentation, all in an easy-to-use program. Its intuitive educational experience lets you interact with your students, track their progress, and focus your teaching strategies using evaluation tools, pre-populated cases, and a unified simulation experience. Chart confidently with the unparalleled service and support of our nurse educator consultants and personalized training plans.

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It’s easy to use and offers effective implementation

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Provides evidence-based patient care and real EHR experience

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Offers the ability to chart your curriculum

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On the front line of knowledge
Built by a team of nursing educators and experts in health informatics, Lippincott DocuCare teaches students the fundamentals of effective electronic documentation while fostering clinical judgment and critical thinking.

Evidence-based patient care and real EHR experience

With nurses at the heart of patient care, it’s important they not only have the technical competencies but also the critical thinking skills needed to provide safe, effective care. Lippincott DocuCare includes more than 200 assignable, true-to-life patient scenarios covering a wide range of diagnoses and demographics—from medical-surgical to mental health to maternal-pediatric and beyond—appropriate for all levels of nursing. Charts are also available for the occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, and provider, making this an ideal tool for interdisciplinary education and simulation. For unmatched authenticity, numerous evidence-based patient records developed jointly with the National League for Nursing (NLN) provide a seamless clinical learning experience across vSim® for Nursing and Laerdal Medical simulation scenarios. Or, you can create your own scenarios.

  • Shasta College
Lippincott® DocuCare has improved our students’ charting performance as well as critical thinking, and makes them more prepared for practice after graduation. As a teacher, it lets me provide immediate feedback to students, and helps them develop clinical reasoning while influencing their ability to perform clinical skills.
Carel Mountain, MSN, RN
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Charting your curriculum

Lippincott DocuCare offers clinical decision-making for your entire curriculum, enabling you to discuss case studies and care plans in the classroom, add realism to the simulation lab, run interprofessional simulations, create privacy-protected patient records in clinical, incorporate informatics competencies required for Quality and Safety in Nursing Education (QSEN) standards, and much more. Plus, this academic EHR is customizable and can be tailored to your exact instructional needs. It gives you the ability to create classes, edit any of the assignments, create your own patient records, coordinate with PT/OT programs, and evaluate student documentation. You also have by your side our Lippincott Customer Support team to share best practices and creative ideas for implementing our educational EHR.

Easy Implementation
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Lippincott DocuCare: Academic EHR at Haywood Community College
Lippincott DocuCare, the leading academic EHR software, gives students at Haywood Community College hands-on clinical charting experience to prepare them for the transition to practice.

Reinforce clinical judgment anytime, anywhere

Help your students make point-of-care clinical decisions, review diagnostic tests and treatments, research up-to-date drug information, and more with built-in access to Lippincott® Advisor and Lippincott® Procedures. Our best-in-class educational EHR gives you the same evidence-based clinical decision support tools used by nurses every day in thousands of institutions across the country—creating the ultimate bridge to practice.

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