Are hybrid and virtual AGMs upholding corporate governance?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change which has rapidly transformed lifestyle, work habits and business strategies. The way organizations conduct their governance meetings has been drastically impacted by travel restrictions and social distancing protocols that made it almost impossible to hold annual general meetings (AGMs) face-to-face.

Consequently, organisations had to change how to hold such events, by considering alternative approaches to bring shareholders from all over the world together, and how to meet quorum requirements and facilitate engagement in these times of uncertainty.

Interestingly, since the onset of the pandemic virtual and hybrid events have gained popularity among organizations of all sizes, as the best alternatives to in-room meetings to enhance participation and accessibility for a broader range of participants, regardless of physical location.

The transition to virtual AGMs has already started, and you can expect their adoption to continue at a rapid pace in the years ahead.
Are you ready to hold your upcoming AGM in hybrid or virtual format?
Check out our white paper to learn how you can easily embrace these changes by exploring:

  • The major benefits virtual and hybrid AGMs bring to you and your shareholders
  • How online voting empowers you to strengthen democratic engagement and good corporate governance
  • Best Practices for a successful virtual AGM.
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