Optimizing medication dosing and standardizing the formulary across hospitals are key focus areas for clinical pharmacy, as teams are dealing with increasingly complex patients.

Over 1 in 5 hospitalized patients develop acute kidney injury (AKI) and approximately 50% of the intensive care population will experience AKI while admitted requiring a more comprehensive appraisal of their medication regimens.

Now more than ever, pharmacy teams are looking to leverage experts, tools, and technology they trust to support their optimization and standardization of renal dosing protocols across facilities to improve patient safety.

Streamline Renal Dosing with Sentri7 and Lexicomp

Wolters Kluwer’s solutions empower users to make the best decisions for their patients.  Our world-renowned experts ensure our renal dosing guidance is current, rigorously vetted, and inclusive of the most complex cases, making it truly the gold standard for clinical decision-making at the point of care.
Our clinical team of experts strive to deliver expert solutions that account for both knowledge and workflow to help optimize care for patients, especially those at high risk of complications. Especially those with impaired renal function and/or hospitalized with COVID-19. 

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The right dose: Leveraging technology and tools to optimize renal dosing.

Adjusting drug doses for patients with renal impairment is a complex process. Using real-time surveillance and decision support, pharmacists can stay nimble and better adapt to individual patient needs.

Clinical pharmacists’ evaluation of drug dosing regimens has a tremendous impact in ensuring the safe and effective delivery of medications. 

Streamlining and Optimizing Renal Dosing with Wolters Kluwer Clinical Experts
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In this video, Stacey McCoy, PharmD, MS, BCPS and Rachel Eyler, PharmD, BCPS discuss how with the rising complexity of patient cases, finding strategies to optimize and deliver safe and effective renal dosing remains a top concern for pharmacists.
Trusted evidence-based content & workflows   
Wolters Kluwer solutions help pharmacists understand the unique needs of their patients and special populations, so they are equipped to consistently deliver the highest quality, evidence-based care.  

Dose Standardization
Standardize your formulary and medication use for renal dosing. Rely on the experts you trust to standardize renal dosing protocols across your facilities.  

Dose Optimization
Optimize your formulary and operational efficiencies. By utilizing evidence-based content and trusted Sentri7 workflows, deliver the best care for patients and improve the overall delivery of services and management of formulary.  
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