Finanza e Gestione19 luglio, 2019

Meno interfacce e più controllo in un unico sistema: Agfa ha scelto CCH Tagetik

Scopri come Agfa ha cambiato drasticamente il proprio ambiente di lavoro introducendo un nuovo modello di dati e processi di controllo aggiuntivi grazie alla flessibilità di CCH Tagetik, abbandonando SAP SEM-BCS.

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The challenges we face in the landscape are actually very scattered,we also faced different challenges at the same time, so at a certain point in time it was actually the request of one business group that triggered the start of a more in depth analysis of new requirements and new needs, so we decided to review all the budgeting processes within Agfa and also the consolidation processes.

We were using different tools, SAP SEM-BCS and Cognos Controller.CCH Tagetik mets are requirements but our requirements were also like analyze very much in depth so before we actually launched the request for proposal we had a large set ofrequirements but we were convinced that CCH Tagetik would have met them.

We wanted to be more flexible than with the previous tool and there CCH Tagetik really responded to our needs.

It drastically changed our work environment and also our processes because we took the opportunityto implement a new data model but also to introduce additional control processes and shift them a bit forward again into the finance processes.A good example of this is the intercompany reconciliation cockpit which we recently introduced, now having all our data that comesin the corporate tool is reconciled for intercompany and this is a major step.

The three main attributes were: the first the single platform approach,which evidently avoids you to have lot of interfaces and all the troubles that come with them, secondly the strong performance showed during the proof of conceptand thirdly price competitiveness was very important for Agfa as well.The benefits of the platform solution for Agfa is having less interfaces, less reconciliations, more controls in one system.

We will definitely recommend CCH Tagetik to another company.
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