Only 23% of hospitals have an opioid stewardship program.

Empower your hospital pharmacy to become leaders by standardizing clinical practice around pain management and taking steps to comply with The Joint Commission's standards. Sentri7's evidence-based AI-powered tools can help improve opioid use and patient safety.

What is Sentri7 Opioid Stewardship?

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Steve Riddle, PharmD, updates us on the state of opioid stewardship in the hospital setting in the U.S. and on how to overcome challenges to initiating this essential program.

Sentri7 pharmacy surveillance software offers evidence-based rules and analytics to help you jump-start your hospital's opioid stewardship program and comply with The Joint Commission’s new audit requirements.

Key elements to focus on for Opioid Stewardship include:

  • Identifying inpatient populations to target 
  • Establishing metrics that help identify trends and areas for improvement 
  • Developing pharmacist-led clinical activities 

By identifying opportunities to increase the use of multi-modal therapies for pain management, your hospital can avoid over-sedation events and reduce other side effects associated with opioids.

Use Sentri7 and its turnkey SoleSource platform to inform continuous improvement and streamline adoption of programs, policies and procedures, so you can increase pharmacy’s impact across your facilities.  Learn more about Sentri7 Antimicrobial Stewardship and Medication Management.

Why Hospitals Choose Sentri 7 Opioid Stewardship

Opioid Stewardship Insights

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