Our Simplifi+ pharmacy compliance and Sentri7 clinical surveillance solutions are transforming the latest evidence-based guidance into practice for more than 2,400 healthcare organizations in the U.S.

Identifying potential problems before they become an issue is crucial for healthcare organizations striving to improve clinical, financial, and operational performance. That's why our market-leading solutions provide a real-time view of clinical practice, patient status, and compliance best practices. Those insights and accompanying evidence-based guidance help healthcare teams continuously improve programs to meet the latest quality, safety, and regulatory requirements. Pharmacy OneSource, Inc. was incorporated in 2000 and acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2010.

What sets our solutions and team apart


Rooted in evidence

Our clinical experts curate and integrate the latest guidance from industry-leading organizations into our applications. Tapping expertise from CDC, SHEA, APIC, UpToDate, Lexicomp, CriticalPoint and others, as well as Wolters Kluwers’ network of the world’s top medical specialists, we empower teams.

customer needs

Inspired by customer needs

Your insight and needs fuel the ideas that lead to innovative solutions for you, your team and the patients your work impacts every day. We're also part of something bigger with Wolters Kluwer, gathering knowledge from the latest research, evidence and industry and technology trends to benefit you.

continuous improvement

Drive continuous improvement

Robust data visualization of key metrics via dedicated program dashboards—facility and system-level views—allow you to identify gaps and opportunities to improve performance. Access to turnkey reporting also makes it easy to showcase your team’s successes.

culture of innovation

Our culture of innovation

Our data science team is committed to technology advancement, including AI. Working across a multi-disciplinary team including our clinicians and product team, we're enhancing patient identification and analytics to improve performance and outcomes.

Our commitment to customer success

Ten years and more than 2,400 customers later, we've learned that the work truly begins when we begin working with you to understand your organization's unique goals and challenges. Then, together, we can achieve the results your organization needs to thrive.

Sophisticated algorithms managed by clinical and informatics experts are removing barriers that slow down clinical teams

While speaking on a panel titled “AI & Sepsis: How Can It Inform Bedside Care?” at the 2021 Sepsis Alliance Summit, Cerner Vice President Tanuj K. Gupta, MD, MBA, referred to estimates that some 60 percent of potentially clinically relevant information in healthcare appears in unstructured data, while others assess that rate to be up to 80%.

Solutions like Sentri7 Sepsis Monitor that use clinical natural language processing (cNLP) to continuously analyze information contained in clinical notes using complex patient identification algorithms are key to enable the earliest and most accurate alerts to improve outcomes. Read this article to learn more>


Don't take it from us. Here's what our customers say.

  • cNLP Sepsis Alerting

Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital

Combatting sepsis is an ever-present challenge. Using natural language processing (NLP), Sentri7 Sepsis Monitor can help us maximize the value of our EHR investment by using both patient data and extensive clinician notes to trigger alerts accurately and earlier so our care team can effectively intervene to improve sepsis outcomes.

Terri Couts, RN MHA, Vice President, Epic Program Applications
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