When corporate legal and insurance claims organizations choose an enterprise legal management technology provider, many decisions affect the selection process. Technology fit, security, usability, and other factors impact evaluations.

However, long-term success depends upon more than just the technology. Services, support, and the holistic customer experience play a vital role in ensuring customers get the most out of their investment and keep pace with trends in the industry

  • Akzo Nobel
  • CHS
  • Fortune 100 client
  • Fortune 50 client
We selected ELM Solutions for its unique ability to truly support global e-billing, its comprehensive portfolio of best practices, critical capabilities such as behind-the-firewall deployment, and its extensive training program.
Akzo Nobel
The fact that ELM Solutions listens to their clients, incorporates their feedback, and has a clear, customer-centric roadmap, cinched our decision.
Nancy Lilja
[We have] intensely high standards and expectations for employees as well as our vendors… Excellence in customer service is something [our company] thrives upon…. Thank you.
TyMetrix 360° Fortune 100 client
To have a production upgrade of this complexity and time finish to plan without issue and early is rare.
Passport Fortune 50 client


We listen

Our voice-of-the-customer programs provide constant feedback on the level of customer satisfaction with our products and services via:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Net promoter surveys
  • Executive advisory boards


We take action

  • Our organization has a continuous improvement culture and a focus on process excellence.
  • We consistently measure, manage, and improve our customer support operations.


We partner with you

  • We strive to establish productive, long-term relationships with our corporate legal department, claims and legal service provider customers.
  • Account managers and client success managers work together with our clients to understand and collaborate on their unique definition of success.
  • Client success plans ensure our resources and actions are aligned with client goals.
  • Our support staff work as an extension of your technical teams.

Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions is committed to consistently delivering the highest levels of service to all our corporate and legal service provider customers. We provide a range of support offerings, from standard to highly customized, to meet your organization’s unique support and security needs.

Support options:

  • Global support provided from our centers in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Unlimited access to phone and online assistance during standard call center hours
  • A client success manager to proactively identify opportunities to help you derive additional value from your application
  • Technical support coverage for your needs in global time zones
  • Enhanced response time targets
  • Technical support coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Passport® support:
Corporate clients
Phone: 1 800 770-8162 (Toll-free)
Direct: +1 832 369 6483

Passport Collaboration Portal support:
Law firm customers
Phone: 1 877 333-2568
Direct: +1 860 549 8795

TyMetrix® 360° and LegalVIEW® Analytics support:
Corporate clients and law firm customers
Phone: 1 877 333-2568
Direct: +1 860 549 8795
Global phone numbers

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