Unify financial, sales, operational and strategic planning with CCH Tagetik Integrated Business Planning software

Break down barriers between finance and operations. CCH Tagetik for Integrated Business Planning is a comprehensive platform that aligns financial, sales, operational, supply chain and strategic planning. By connecting granular financial and operational data with AI-based, CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence the solution provides fast, accurate and better-informed decisions, enabling CFOs and their peers, to identify opportunities and optimize operational efficiencies.

CCH Tagetik processes volumes of fluctuating data in real-time, automatically updating models, plans, and forecasts with the latest information. This unified approach to enterprise planning gives you resilient supply chains and unprecedented visibility into corporate performance so you have the agility to respond in step with changing market conditions. By connecting cross-functional plans and operational groups in CCH Tagetik, you’ll gain greater forecast accuracy and make decisions that are smart today and in the long term. 

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Integrated Business Planning let's you focus on your business

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  • IBP Collaborative
  • Satriun Group
  • Eurotech
Many companies get the potential benefits of IBP, but they struggle with making it happen because of technology obstacles, as well as internal challenges. But the pay-offs are well worth it, ranging from decreasing operational costs to increasing sales. Additionally, IBP is the only way companies can truly look ahead to make informed decisions related to growth and risk mitigation.
Dean Sorensen
CCH Tagetik enabled us to develop a cloud reporting solution that delivered on all Randstad requirements. It is great to see all aspects of the planning and control-cycle integrated into one source of truth.
Casper van Leeuwen
We have been able to unify our entire consolidation and reporting processes – from collecting and adjusting data to making intercompany reconciliations and financial reports – within a single solution. In addition, we can now produce integrated corporate reporting, by collecting annual budgets, quarterly forecasts as well as weekly and monthly actual data on sales, orders, assets and KPIs for the individual companies in our group.
Sandro Barazza

Create dynamic plans, budgets and forecasts

Adjust to changing market and internal operating conditions. CCH Tagetik enables you to model variances and business drivers so you can then update, reforecast and adjust all impacted plans, financial statements, and budgets. Everyone and every plan works toward the most desirable outcome.

  • Enterprise planning with end-to-end visibility
  • Collaborative financial & operational scenario planning
  • Shared calculations for modeling, plans and actuals
  • Built-in financial intelligence and embedded logic
  • Synchronized operational, supply chain and financial processes
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Enable collaborative planning enterprise-wide

CCH Tagetik enables planners to communicate within plans and follow a process workflow that streamlines collaboration and updates plans in real-time. To monitor performance, planners can set up alerts, create scorecards, customize dashboards, and produce analytics ad hoc.

  • Streamline submissions, revisions and approval processes
  • Monitor KPIs through scorecards and dashboards
  • Refresh ad hoc analytics and reports with the latest metrics
  • Get real-time visibility into performance at any level
  • Expedite planning with built-in automation
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CCH Tagetik's Integrated Business Planning is trusted by leading companies across all industries.
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