Finanzas y Gestión28 julio, 2020

The Future of Analytics in The Finance Function

An FSN Global Survey Sponsored by CCH Tagetik

As C-suites across the board begin to rely on the Finance organization for data-backed directives, the pressure to produce strategy-shattering insights is on. There to answer the call are analytics providers who claim to be the end-all of risk management and be-all of consumer trends. And yet, as FSN unearths in this research, the mentality of “analytics for analytics-sake” isn't working.

In this report, FSN lays out the numbers that define the complicated relationship Finance has with analytics, and we chime in with how instituting a culture of analytics is paramount to your data-backed decision-making efforts.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where analytics and some solutions are missing the mark
  • Why granular, transactional data is critical to creating a culture of analytics
  • How the “analytics for analytics-sake” mentality is failing Finance
  • Where human effort falls short and the benefits of automation
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