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Paying sales and use tax can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope, where the slightest misstep can lead to consequences. Sales and use tax regulations are notoriously complex, varying not only by jurisdiction but also by industry, transaction type, and various exemptions. Compliance with sales and use tax laws is essential to avoid costly penalties and audits.  

Just as a tightrope walker must maintain perfect balance to avoid falling, businesses must walk a fine line of navigating sales tax regulations with precision and care. One wrong move, such as miscalculating taxes or misinterpreting exemptions, can lead to financial penalties or even audits by tax authorities.  

This is where sales and use tax solutions from Wolters Kluwer can help companies of all sizes to stay compliant, mitigate tax risk, and increase your tax team’s efficiency. Explore our solutions to find what fits your needs best. 

Introducing CCH® SureTax® for everything you need for your sales tax reporting needs
CCH SureTax Modules
  • Rules & Rates
  • Calculation
  • Integrations
  • Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM)
  • Reporting
  • Returns
There are more than 26,000 tax jurisdictions in the U.S. you may need to remit taxes to. And there are more than 86,000 rates and taxability rules you need to track to keep you in compliance and avoid costly fines and penalties. With CCH SureTax, you will use the same comprehensive tax rules and rates database as the IRS has been using for nearly 10 years. The only difference, besides the data, you will also receive a complete automated solution for all your indirect tax needs. Our experience and expertise give you peace of mind knowing that you always have the most reliable tax data at your fingertips.

Integrated with your ERP, CCH SureTax assures calculation accuracy by centralizing tax determination across all transactional billing systems. When you make a sale, it calculates the tax required to be collected in milliseconds. In that time, the calculation considers numerous factors relevant to the sale; from the product and industry specifics to the sale location, down to the building number to validate the tax jurisdiction. All of this is automated, recorded, and produced in the time it takes for your customers to run their payments.

Additionally, CCH SureTax allows you to identify nexus achievement in a timely manner and have all transaction details logged in one place for future analysis and reference.

Connect your ERP with CCH SureTax using our out-of-the-box certified integrations for accurate sales and use tax calculation. No more “swivel-chair” copying of tax data from one system to another, no delays in processing transactions, and best of all - no operator errors!

We partner with NetSuite®, SAP®, Dynamics®, D365®, Magento®, Salesforce Commerce Cloud®, Acumatica®, and will partner with your developers if your business requires integration with a home-grown system. The sales and use tax productivity tools are also available for SAP® customers. Contact us today to learn more!

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Some of your buyers will likely be purchasing from you for resale or another use that is considered tax-exempt. Wolters Kluwer offers two solutions for customers to manage exempt sales certificates depending on their business needs.

CCH® SureTax® Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM) is best for customers with low exempt sales volume.

CCH® SureTax® Premium ECM Powered by CERTifyTax® is a must-have for customers with a high volume and transaction complexity of exempt sales. Designed by tax attorneys, this solution helps companies minimize sales tax exposure, and protect profits from penalties and fees associated with non-compliance.

Accurate reporting is vital to the success and organization of a company. CCH® SureTax® Views module, the most advanced reporting tool in class, not only gives you functional and streamlined reporting but also allows you to customize reports to match whatever your needs may be. The interactive reports help to ensure returns accuracy and let you analyze sales and taxes on a more granular level than the reporting capabilities that your ERP may provide. For instance, with CCH SureTax, you can analyze exempt sales by reason or your revenue by product.

Convert your time-consuming return preparation and filing routine into a streamlined process with CCH® SureTax® Returns®. Tax data flows from the calculation engine to returns directly, and there is no need, yet possible, to manually import or consolidate data from multiple sources.

Return forms are up-to-date and interactive: the fields will automatically recalculate values if one is edited. You can also save even more time by using hands-free returns allowing you to file in just in one click. 

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Address industry-specific sales tax requirements
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Food and Beverage
  • Construction
  • Retail and eCommerce

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