Professional Services for Your Compliance Activities

Let CCH Sales® and Use Tax Professional & Managed Services from Wolters Kluwer take on your indirect tax workflow and ensure you achieve the highest possible levels of compliance, saving your company time and money. In addition, we offer expert onboarding through CCH SureTax® Professional Services and provide Success Packs to help companies further unlock time-saving benefits. Whatever your needs, our team of consultants and certified partners will help design the best path forward for increasing efficiency and simplifying sales and use tax.

Why Outsource with Managed Services?

Many savvy companies outsource their sales and use tax compliance and remittance. One reason is because of the additional exposure from the Wayfair ruling and expanded nexus obligations. As sales and use tax returns continue to become increasingly complex, we help companies save money while staying compliant by taking on your returns and reporting so that you can be confident that your sales and use tax is done accurately and consistently. 

  • Onboarding
  • Success Packs
  • Managed Services
  • File & Remit Only


We deliver onboarding experiences that result in long-term CCH® SureTax® customers who fully benefit from the software’s time-savings and features. Our offerings are designed to allow you to choose the timeline, price and scope which meet your desired goals; and we make our onboarding packages easy to understand and easy to buy. It’s a key part of ensuring that you get the most out of CCH® SureTax and/or an ERP integration.

Success Packs

Our Success Packs ensure that our customers are getting the most from their CCH SureTax investment, or can be used to offload short-term sales and use tax needs. Success Packs provide a bundle of professional service hours that can be used at your discretion. From optimizing your software’s efficiency to having us do a deep dive into product and service tax mapping to a nexus review to any custom need, a Success Pack means you can cost-effectively put our expertise to work for you.

Managed Services

The nature of tax compliance and remittance is ever changing in complexity. Managed Return Filing Services can assist you with navigating your tax filing status and reduce the staff time and expertise needed to handle your month-to-month return processing, filing, and remittance needs. Another benefit: Managed Services reduces the total cost of our customers’ tax departments and frees up staff for higher-value work.  In addition, your Managed Services Representative can help you manage the collection and administration of Exemption Certificates for your end customers.   The goal of our Managed Services team is to be an extension of your Tax Department and we will continue to explore ways to save you time and money through this program.

File & Remit Only

With this service, we take over the time-consuming task of file/pay efforts, so you can focus your time on other business needs. We offer general support, flexible payment scheduling, ensure you receive timely filing discounts, and reduce your exposure to P&I and Audit.

Professional and Client Services Fact Sheet

Get the most out of all your software investments with Professional and Client Services from Wolters Kluwer. Improve your indirect tax workflow and ensure you are achieving the highest possible levels of compliance. Working hand in hand with you, our team of experienced consultants and certified partners will develop the best game plan to ensure your staff is using all products and services to their full potential.

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