Expand Your Business Presence with Peace of Mind

Integrating traditional and online sales strategies strengthens most retailers’ revenue opportunities. But as can often happen in life, “opportunity begets obligation” — and omnichannel selling can most certainly complicate sales tax compliance. 

As a retailer, by increasing the number of channels or locations where you sell products, you most likely increase the complexity of calculating the correct sales tax and determining where you may have sales tax nexus. Expanding your business into new territories often brings additional obligations requiring registration, sales tax collection, remittance, and the filing of returns.  

CCH SureTax gets you covered every step of the way. The end-to-end sales and use tax automation platform is the dependable solution to help you expand your presence and keep your retail business tax compliant.   

Make CCH® SureTax® Your Solution! 

  • Rates and Rules
  • Calculation
  • Integration
  • Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM)
  • Reporting
  • Returns
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