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Wolters Kluwer has set the industry standard for tax research for more than a century, compiling and curating extensive research from experienced tax professionals. We maintain an extensive database of highly granular and specialized content across industries — and make it easy to access with our sales tax research software. We also offer databases specific to complex industries, including construction, food & beverage, telecommunications, construction and many more.

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  • Tax Interchange for Retail
  • CCH® Sales Tax RADAR
  • Construction Sales & Use Tax
  • Manufacturing Sales & Use Tax
  • Food and Restaurant Sales & Use Tax
  • Communications Sales & Use Tax

Tax Interchange for Retail

With seamless integration into your point-of-sale environment, this specialized tax interchange is designed to mitigate risk. It provides timely sales tax rates for the retail industry.

CCH® Sales Tax RADAR

Reduce the time and energy researching rates across all state websites with CCH® Sales Tax Rates and Decision Administration Reporting (RADAR) . It streamlines the time and effort to manually research various state sales tax rates. An intuitive web-based tool, it makes staying current and compliant with ever-changing state rates and taxability rules easy.

Construction Sales and Use Tax

Construction is highly complex because it requires that you identify where the construction takes place, what jurisdiction is impacted, and what materials from where are being used. All of this and other information is factored into determining the correct rate and rule to apply.

Manufacturing Sales & Use Tax

Our database helps you identify the appropriate tax solution, possible tax risk areas, and strategies for minimizing tax and risk — and we map your transactions to our system and configure it to process transactions and then train you and your staff. This ensures you are compliant in a complex industry.


Food and Restaurant Sales Tax

The food and restaurant industries are fast moving and experience significant change — dine in/take out, mobile ordering, and expanded product and service offerings. Make sales tax simple with our database supporting the full life cycle of sales and use tax from rates through returns generation and remittance.

Communications Sales & Use Tax

Reduce risk and overall compliance costs with cloud-based communications tax calculation and reporting specific to the complex communications industry. Our database includes product categories narrowly defined down to the local levelfull life cycle support and much more. 

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