Transform the burden of the tax reporting process
into a competitive advantage using
CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax

Time is running out for multinational corporations to cope with the requirements of OECD’s BEPS Pillar Two. Since this directive strikes at the center of consolidation processes, finance and tax teams are scrambling to align internal processes while CFOs add tax to their strategic agenda.

CCH® Tagetik Global Minimum Tax eases the transition, enabling you to cover BEPS Pillar Two process — strategically

CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax takes a top-down approach to tax management acting as a lighthouse that guides your tax strategy toward favorable outcomes. By connecting BEPS Pillar Two considerations directly to consolidation, our solution harmonizes the new tax process across local closing and group consolidation. With fully aligned processes, you’re supported in coping with Pillar Two requirements and able to assess its material impacts.
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6 ways CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax lets you focus on your business

Free teams from the burden of reporting requirements

Pillar Two obligations will strain tax teams that rely on isolated tax systems. Our top-down approach to BEPS Pillar Two connects tax to consolidation, centralizing enterprise data and automating calculations to facilitate reporting activities.

  • Automatically collect, aggregate, and store data
  • Easily map Pillar Two calculation objects
  • Align tax and finance teams and accelerate financial close
  • Automatically calculate top-up tax
  • Allocate tax amounts to impacted entities
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Use tax insights to guide business strategy

BEPS Pillar Two means more than a tax system upgrade. It involves modifying internal processes to accurately reflect your tax position in financial statements. CCH Tagetik equips you with the planning intelligence to simulate tax impacts — and adjust plans accordingly.

  • Report Pillar Two data
  • Enhance collaboration with back & forth posting
  • Be audit ready with a log of past versions and processes
  • Configure workflows, responsibilities, and deadlines
  • Test cash, ETR, and SF scenarios with simulations
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