CCH® SureTax® Modules

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CCH® SureTax® Calc

Built from the ground up for audit defense, the CCH® SureTax® Calc module provides real-time sales tax calculations for your transactions. This sales tax calculation software is available as a stand-alone application or seamlessly built into the CCH® SureTax® platform. It’s designed for the needs of your business and configurable to support complicated scenarios, tax requirements and tax holidays with ease. It allows you to configure exemption overrides, business rules, nexus, and locations. It provides multi-level, granular transaction detail for audit defense. It’s backed by Wolters Kluwer, the IRS' trusted source for sales tax research data.

CCH® SureTax® Views

Manage your sales tax compliance process by organizing data and producing interactive reports with CCH SureTax Views. This provides real insights so that you get a better understanding of the valuable information locked in your tax data. Create interactive reports that better serves your business by drilling down into data elements to see the connections. Find the exact transaction and tax charges without leaving the CCH SureTax platform.

CCH® SureTax® ECM 

Manage and maintain your tax exemption certificate library while automating the collection and seamless application of certificates. A centralized repository of all exemption certificates, the CCH® SureTax® ECM module provides exception certificate management and reporting for tax determination, maintenance, and audit purposes. The solution helps with compliance by tracking certificate expiration, customer information and certification validation. Reporting capabilities by state, customer and transaction level allow for easy work with auditors.

CCH® SureTax® Returns

Move through your monthly filing process automatically with CCH® SureTax® Returns. CCH® SureTax® Returns consolidates your various monthly transactional data feeds to complete your monthly sales and use tax filing according to your calendar. With a seamless workflow and support for each of your legal filing entities, you will move effortlessly from transitions through reconciliation to filing.

CCH® SureTax® Integration

Receive accurate sales tax calculations and reporting by enabling  data to flow from your existing ERP to CCH® SureTax®.  Transmit to common ERP modules such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and projects. Also connect to point-of-sale systems and a general ledger. We develop integrations for systems of all sizes - from major ERPs to unique company applications.

CCH® Sales Tax Rates & Rules

Stay in compliance by applying the latest tax data by jurisdiction. We have set the industry standard for tax research for more than a century, compiling and curating highly granular research content across industries from our staff of experienced tax professionals. Our database includes current and prior periods and is delivered to your system in real-time, automatically to ensure proper tax applicability.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Every industry faces unique challenges and those challenges extend into sales and use tax compliance. Wolters Kluwer provides end-to-end sales and use tax solutions and services that meet the demands of your business so you can stay in compliance affordably.

  • Communications

    Reduce risk and overall compliance costs with cloud-based communications tax calculation and reporting specific to the complex communications industry. Our database for telecommunications includes product categories narrowly defined down to the local levelfull life cycle support from rates through returns and remittance, Tax Inclusion and Revenue Allocation features, ability to customize our integrations, and Exception Certificate tracking and calculations. With our deep understanding of the multiple level of jurisdictions involved in telecommunications, we’ve provided everything you need for accurate tax calculations on every transaction.

  • Construction
    Our database for construction includes  product categories narrowly defined down to the local level , f ull life cycle support from rates through returns generation and remittance , a bility to customize our integrations , and  Microsoft Dynamics  365 Support  and  Acumatica support  for projects.  We’ve tailored this specifically for you, with your specific  transaction types: Contractor, Sub Contractor, New, Remodel, Commercial, Residential, AR and AP . Our construction modules also  support AR, AP, time and materials and lumpsum payment , as well as  project-based accounting .
  • $name
    Our database  for  manufacturing  includes product categories narrowly defined down to the local level, full life cycle support from rates through returns generation and remittance,  and  ability to customize our integrations Our team of experts help you identify the appropriate tax solution, possible tax risk areas ,  and strategies for minimizing tax and risk —  and  we map your transactions to our system and configure it to process transactions and then train you and your staff. Our advanced system offers current taxability rules and rates unique to the manufacturing industry for all U.S. states and GST/HST/PST for all Canadian provinces.
  • $name

    Designed by the leaders in tax and accounting research, CCH  SureTax  Energy is used by energy marketers, producers and billing platforms that need a tax calculation and report solution that is responsive, accurate and  can  grow  as the bu s in e ss grows .  With this industry solution, you’ll get en ergy product categories down to the local level, and support for  complex calculations Built for accuracy, ease-of-use, and audit defense.

  • $name

    The food and restaurant industries are fast moving and experience significant change   dine in/take out, mobile ordering, and expanded product and service offerings. Make sales tax simple with Wolters Kluwer.  We provide c overage for over 1,200 general items including more than 450 grocery and restaurant items , as well as c urrent sales tax rates and taxability rules , r ates and rules updates from over 10,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions Our  software supports  the  full life cycle  of sales and use tax  from rates through returns generation and remittance .

  • $name
    Stay compliant with your sales tax obligations in the post-Wayfair world Online sales, sales tax holidays, returns … the list goes on when looking at the complexities of sales tax. We understand these nuances and recognize the risk to business growth of incomplete sales tax compliance processes across your entire nexus footprint. With our tools  we track economic nexus by jurisdiction  based on volume of transactions, revenue and a combination of both , you’ll stay  fully  compliant, even in the ever-changing nexus landscape.