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The telecommunications industry is one of the most heavily tax-regulated industries. Telecommunication companies struggle to provide their customers with a consistent end-user billing experience, keep up with the constant tax legislation changes, and comply with multiple authorities.

With such industry complexity, it is nearly impossible not to rely on automation software that simplifies communication tax management and creates a solid audit trail.

CCH® SureTax® has been the leader in communication tax automation for over a decade: our designated research team is well-versed in providing the most current tax rates and rules and their interpretation for telecom companies. Besides the outstanding expertise in telecom taxes, the CCH SureTax platform is a highly configurable solution that supports the most complex requirements. Our powerful software scales with your growth and takes the burden of tax determination off your shoulders.

With the help of our partners, CCH SureTax simplifies communication tax and provides telecom companies with a seamless end-to-end experience — from tax calculation to tax compliance. When audit comes knocking on your doors, you'll meet it with confidence.

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CCH® SureTax® Modules

CCH SureTax enables seamless experience in managing communication taxes

  • Rates and Rule
  • Calculation
  • Integration
  • Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM)

Professional Services

CCH SureTax Professional Services team provides expert configuration to optimize a customer's use of the CCH SureTax system from the start. We are able to tap into our deep research data and domain knowledge to provide unique brand services. Your communication tax is optimized from the get-go.  

With onboarding, the Professional Services team … 

  • Provides expert product mapping
  • Creates the most optimized product bundles 
  • Implements traffic studies 
  • Creates custom cost recoveries 
  • Performs overrides for system optimization and more
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