Lippincott® helps you integrate clinical judgment activities into your curriculum so students are prepared for the NGN — and for practice.

The NGN will assess knowledge in a new way. But the fundamentals of readying nursing students for practice have been underway for some time. Strengthening clinical judgment skills and preparing students for real-world practice has been a cornerstone of Lippincott nursing education offerings. And we’re ready for the future by helping you achieve NGN goals. Through our solutions, we expose students to the NCLEX clinical judgment model via real-world scenarios and by improving critical thinking and sharpening decision-making skills.

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According to a survey of nursing school administrators, faculty, and deans conducted by Wolters Kluwer in collaboration with the National League for Nursing, there is a need for rapid and increased investment in technology adoption to prepare for NGN.

Nursing education programs are struggling to strike the balance between preparing for NCLEX and readying students for practice.

2 in 5
Nursing educators have not decided what curriculum changes need to be made to prepare for NGN.

of nurse educators say some of the most important reasons for adopting technology is to improve clinical judgment skills and increase NCLEX pass rates.

“Using the Lippincott suite, our NCLEX pass rates rose from 75% to 95.5% as of 2017. And we’re giving students what they need to face real-world practice.” – Jacqueline Semaan, MSN, CHSE, RNC-LRN, Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator, Simulation Coordinator, Lake Superior College
We’re making preparation as real-world as possible
The Lippincott Nursing Education suite of offerings helps you integrate clinical judgment activities into the curriculum so students are prepared for the Next Generation NCLEX and for practice, making preparation as close to real-life as possible.

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Gives students the opportunities to think critically, use evidence, and apply knowledge for patient care

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Provides experiential vignettes that allow students to recognize the six steps in the clinical judgment model

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Brings fidelity to the NCLEX prep experience through evidence-based information that helps students make sound clinical decisions

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