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CCH Trust US is a comprehensive, easy-to-use trust tax software designed specifically to meet the fiduciary reporting and trust tax return preparation and filing requirements of bank trust departments, accounting and law firms, and other wealth management organizations.

CCH Trust US automates and integrates the entire process, from importing and verification of data from your trust accounting system and quick and easy editing and reporting options to seamless preparation and electronic filing of completed tax returns. With over 85,000 returns prepared annually, CCH Trust US helps you manage the fiduciary trust tax preparation process with unparalleled flexibility and customization.

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Our web-based software solution is easy to use and navigate. It provides a depth of detail and reporting capabilities to help you review your client's data and create and file tax returns quickly and easily. Used to file over 85,000 returns annually, CCH Trust US gives you the speed and accuracy you need, combined with the ability to provide personal attention to a single document for any customer.

  • Easy-to-navigate screens including split-screen views, customizable grids and displays, and batch processing options
  • Our unique "Check-Out" feature allows you to edit and process any individual return
  • Our batch processing menus allow you to efficiently process, update, and file large numbers of returns at a single time
  • Our custom reports can be run on any field and be designed, implemented, and shared with a few key strokes — and every one of them can be exported to Microsoft® Excel®

And our expert client services team is here to help answer your questions at every step of tax season from importing your data to return creation to electronic filing. In addition, we offer robust import functionality that allows you to supplement your trust accounting data whenever you need to.

Are you currently preparing tax returns in-house? Let our team of experienced professionals prepare and file your tax returns, including 1099s. Our years of experience with many large banks and national tax preparers provide the background and expertise your clients need to get complete, correct, and timely tax reporting.

Are you already using another third party to prepare and file your returns? Talk to some of our current customers and they will tell you about the ease of working with the Wolters Kluwer team. We know that every one of our clients is unique and we will consult with you directly to design a process and scope that meets your needs.

We will work with you to review the data and provide guidance on the tax treatment of certain types of transactions, applying required factors and will work together to create a delivery schedule that meets both your needs and those of your customers. We can even mail the returns from our secure fulfillment facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. In addition, the Fiduciary Tax Compliance Services team will:

  • Provide education about reporting trends and changing regulation
  • Suggest updates on how transactions are posted on your source system
  • Review data gaps and identify potential areas of risk, including missing cost basis or wash sales
  • Help you clean up beneficiary records and other account data
  • Complete all electronic filing requirements
  • Run custom reports

CCH Trust US™ Features

  • Get a Better Return On Your Trust Tax Return Software Investment

    Your own in—house tax system with web-based tools eliminates the need to invest in expensive servers and IT maintenance. CCH Trust US automates and integrates the entire process, from importing and verification of your trust accounting data and updating investment information to seamless preparation and electronic filing of completed tax returns.

    And CCH Trust US handles every type of return, including:

    • 1041
    • 1041A
    • 1099
    • 990
    • 990T
    • 5227
    • Cemetery Returns
    • Grantor Returns
    Best of all, the CCH Trust US system provides unparalleled flexibility and customization so you can tailor the process to your specific needs every step of the way.
  • Expert Service — We Understand the Needs of Your Trust Tax Department

    Our knowledgeable team of dedicated professionals is available to help you navigate CCH Trust US and maximize the capabilities of CCH Trust US for your organization.

    Service You Expect
    While you are completing 1099s and returns during tax season or preparing quarterly estimate payments, our team of experienced professionals can help you resolve questions that may arise. Whether related to specific software functionality or form completion and tax compliance, we can draw on our years of experience in the industry to deliver you the answer.

    Training and Support
    Prior to tax season, we will assist you with the installation of the product, and ensure it is operating effectively in your environment. We will work directly with you and your trust accounting vendor to understand any user-defined fields or custom applications within the data to solidify information maps correctly. We will customize training to suit your needs, whether it is with online webinars or onsite classroom-style training. Our training experts will walk you and your staff through the basics of getting started, navigating the forms, and working with all aspects of the CCH Trust US system.

    Answers and Assistance
    We want to help you get the most out of CCH Trust US — we will work with you and your team to assure they are getting the most out of the features and functionality of CCH Trust US including custom reports, batch edits, and form defaults.

  • Data Management — Integration and Security Throughout the Process

    CCH Trust US automates and integrates the entire data transfer and data management process.

    Safe and Secure
    The security, availability, and integrity of your data are important to us. We've employed a SOC Type 1 certified environment, combining hardware and software encryption techniques, advanced firewalls and end-to-end 24/7 system monitoring to protect your sensitive data throughout the entire life cycle. In addition, the security of our transmissions facility is audited annually by third-party security experts approved by the federal government.

    Under Your Control
    As a CCH Trust US user, you have the flexibility and authority to decide which members of your organization have access to specific data. Data accessibility is totally within your control. Sophisticated system redundancies, in conjunction with backup and archival technologies, protect your data from risks such as power outages or system failure.

    Diagnostic Tools
    Intuitive diagnostics quickly identify potential problems such as file validity and format issues. Report tools built into CCH Trust US can also quickly identify any issues with account information or transactions to be addressed immediately. Our sophisticated diagnostics process also verifies that the data is complete and fulfills all tax compliance requirements. You receive detailed and understandable reports when there are exceptions or problems in the data. CCH Trust US will produce reports to alert you to potential wash sales and identify specific assets for which income factoring data has been applied or is not yet available.

    CCH Trust US can create a file to export your K-1s directly to CCH® ProSystem® fx for 1040 production.

  • Customized Solutions — Tailored to Meet Your and Your Clients’ Needs

    CCH Trust US provides custom reporting and flexible display options to adapt the process to meet your needs every step of the way.

    CCH Trust US Works the Way You Work
    At CCH Trust US, we understand that you have unique needs, so we always treat you individually. From importing and mapping trust accounting data to the printed version of the client's return, you have a wide variety of customizable options:

    • Select additional diagnostic checks based on the type and level of review required after data import
    • Create your own specific list of program tasks to prepare data for import into the tax return
    • Set program permissions and grant rights with our custom role-based security
    • Designate whether you will e-file a federal or state return or set up electronic payments
    • Adjust settings to the Master Firm level or the bank or account level

    You need a system that provides seamless and fully automated tax return preparation and e-filing. And you need a system that produces all of the custom documentation and communication that you must provide to clients, beneficiaries, and taxing agencies, from letters to K-1s to returns, estimates, and payments. CCH Trust US can store your custom mapping requirements to provide accommodation detail and classification of transactions to ensure that your clients have complete information.

    Diagnostic Tools
    Intuitive diagnostics quickly identify potential problems such as file validity and format issues. Reporting tools built into CCH Trust US can also quickly identify any issues with account information or transactions that need prompt attention. Our easy-to-use custom reporting feature allows you to create reports as needed on any field with CCH Trust US. You can save the reports, share the templates with your colleagues, or export the results to Microsoft® Excel® to update your clients.

    Improve Your Productivity
    Trust US does not require a complex set of steps to produce a return. Using our account management tools, CCH Trust US automates this process. You make your selections from simple entry screens enhanced with drop-down lists and checkboxes to speed workflow. Utilizing flexible data review options, you can easily examine previously defined groups of accounts or an individual account. And if you find a transaction code that needs to be updated, you can apply global changes without reimporting the data. Changes seamlessly flow across all accounts, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual edits.

  • Tax Compliance — Returns, Estimates and Payments ... Complete and Accurate

    With almost 100 years of experience, CCH Trust US continues the Wolters Kluwer legacy of being the global leader in tax software.

    CCH Trust US utilizes tested and proven tax compliance software that has been used by thousands of tax professionals to prepare millions of tax returns over the years. CCH Trust US is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tax compliance system for bank trust departments and other wealth management organizations that prepare and electronically file trust tax returns. You'll rest easy knowing that the trust tax returns, estimates, and payments you prepare are complete, accurate, and efficient.

    Your Own In-house Tax System
    Using our proven tools is like having your own tax system in house without the need for a large upfront investment. CCH Trust US automates and integrates the entire process, from importing and verifying your trust accounting data and updating investment information to seamless preparation and electronic filing of completed tax returns. Navigation is complimented with one-click access to supporting forms, schedules, or worksheets and sophisticated diagnostics quickly identify potential errors.

    Additional tools such as our innovative K-1 input sheet and seamless flow of data to the largest forms library in the industry — with thousands of federal and state fiduciary forms, including 1041, 1041A, 1042S, 1099, 990, and 5227 — enhance your productivity.

    Easy Returns
    Returns can easily be filed electronically or printed for paper filing. Not surprisingly, Wolters Kluwer is a leader in electronic tax filing, with over 15 million returns e-filed last year. To further simplify your job, you can also submit federal fiduciary tax payments through the IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) and payments to selected states.

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