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Ever-evolving AICPA standards and stricter requirements makes it critical that every auditor has access to an easy-to-use data analytics tool. With TeamMate Analytics familiar and intuitive interface and out-of-the-box tests, all auditors can perform their own analytics on every audit - and at an affordable price.

  • Increase audit efficiency
  • Improve client service
  • Help your bottom line
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Save time

Save countless hours of work and reduce time spent on monotonous tasks.


Mitigate risk

Increase your potential for detecting material misstatements, and provide a clear audit trail of work conducted.


Enjoy conveniences

As an add-on to Excel, the familiar interface makes this solution immediately usable to the entire audit team.

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Real customers going beyond with TeamMate Analytics
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Prior to TeamMate Analytics, one client's journal entries were so voluminous that we had to have about five different Excel files and we'd spend 5 or 6 hours testing. It was just picking a couple of large entries and seeing if these made sense. Now, with TeamMate Analytics, we did that testing in 2 hours, and also gained probably 5 times the quality. Being able to test, analyze and have the conceptual discussions with the client about what has this taken place has really added value.
Jason Miller
We had a client provide us a fixed asset detail with Excel that was in the absolute worst format you could have … cells and columns merged in a format that we could not play with. Converting to TeamMate Analytics saved us hours when formatting this data.
Andy Hines, Audit Partner, Whitley Penn
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