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Accounting workflow software can drive firm growth by creating efficiencies, removing bottlenecks, and providing firm-wide visibility. With the right accounting workflow software bringing the firm together to support a common goal, accounting firms are better able to adapt to changing market environments, meet growth targets, and provide a better work/life balance for staff at all levels by:

  • Saving time for all users across multiple levels of seniority.

  • Increasing productivity to drive profitability and reduce staffing costs.

  • Reducing the risk of improper filings with real-time monitoring.

  • Managing deliverables and project knowledge in a central location.


Create additional capacity, be more responsive to clients, and provide higher value services to drive profitability with workflow management software designed for accounting firms.

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  • CCH Axcess Workflow
  • CCH Axcess Workstream

CCH Axcess Workflow

With greater visibility into projects and processes, firms can work more efficiently and create room for growth. CCH Axcess Workflow's browser-based interface offers a modern user experience from almost any computer, and integration with the CCH Axcess platform provides key workflow functionality across multiple areas within a firm. Increase capacity and free up more time to focus on what matters most by:

  • Streamlining processes and eliminating administrative hassles

  • Smoothing the transition between various teams and staff members in the firm

  • Accessing key information in real-time when a client calls, or when a key stakeholder needs a status update

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CCH Axcess Workstream

Simplify tracking of work and ensure consistent project management processes. You can monitor due dates, manage projects, and map processes into standardized steps, with CCH Axcess Workstream.

Using built-in administrative workflow tools, you will:

  • Increase accountability with easy-to-understand dashboards, notifications, and project pools.

  • Manage resources more effectively with clear visibility. 

  • Improve efficiency with the ability to track project status and due dates.

  • Enhance client service with greater visibility into project details.


Meet project tracking needs and efficiently manage all of your business deliverables with a full-featured solution that supports the way you work.

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