Audit Talks Live 2021
Tax & AccountingMay 10, 2021

Audit Talks LIVE 2021: How to Become an Expert

In less than a month, the next Audit Talks LIVE conference will kick off. Check out the schedule and register today for this complimentary, virtual event held June 01-02, 2021. Wolters Kluwer would like to thank Boomer Consulting for sponsoring this important professional event.

Each 30-minute session will deliver best-practices and helpful insights from top experts in the profession. Audit Talks LIVE will present 15 sessions, arranged in three tracks:

  • Auditing for Superheroes
  • Accounting & Reporting Insights
  • Navigating the Firm Landscape

Registration is by session, so you can pick and choose the most meaningful Audit Talks for yourself and your team.

Success in accounting depends on expertise. Career-long learning is essential. In these three sessions, leading experts in the areas of research, peer reviews, and audit workflows will share tips and guidance.

Simplify Your Research While Remaining an Expert

What can your firm do to ensure every professional can access reliable research to expand their expertise? CCH® Accounting Research Manager® (ARM) is an irreplaceable tool for accounting, disclosure examples and auditing best practices.

In this session – part of Accounting and Reporting Insights – you'll learn how ARM can help your team keep continuous knowledge at the ready. Beth Patrick, our ARM product expert, will show you how ARM:

  • Simplifies staying up-to-date on changes and being a subject matter expert
  • Provides confidence on accuracy
  • Increases productivity by reducing research time

Tips to a Better Peer Review

Did you know research shows over 60% of peer-reviewed engagements should have been deemed non-conforming for failure to comply with risk assessment standards? So, it should come as no surprise that the AICPA is holding Peer Reviewers more accountable.

In this session – part of Auditing for Superheroes – you'll hear from Troy Coon, CPA and Partner at Watson Coon Ryan, LLC. Troy is a Peer Reviewer, and he has seen first-hand what often goes wrong in engagements. He will guide you in understanding:

  • Which hot issues found in peer review affect you the most
  • What tips can help you avoid common missteps
  • How the right audit methodology and technology helps avoid trouble

The Future of Your Audit Workflow is Here

Explore how to improve the firm audit workflow experience. This session will feature Jim Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, and CGMA. As Partner and Managing Director of Advisory Services for Withum, a nationally-ranked, progressive firm, Jim knows how to leverage technology to deliver high-value work for clients.

In this session – part of Navigating the Firm Landscape – you will learn how to:

  • Overcome challenges impacting engagement profitability, client experience, peer review and more
  • Manage multiple engagements with multiple team members, where access to key information is challenging
  • Ensure jobs are staffed with the right people, manage to budget expectations, and coordinate operational processes and administrative requests

Register today and reserve these expert sessions to gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


We look forward to seeing you on June 01-02, 2021.

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