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The challenge

Do your people know where to pay attention to on a given day?

In order to control risks, organizations have set up safety management systems that rely on individuals or groups of people at all levels of the enterprise. How do you make sure that they are getting the right information to do their part in minimizing risks and improving safety on a daily basis?

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The solution

Share important information across the enterprise, that is relevant and tailored

You can do this via a bowtie platform that allows you to share tailored risk information with a specific person or a certain group of people. They can be part of your organization but also part of other business units. This way you can be sure that everyone receives the information that is critical to their part in managing risks on a daily basis.

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How does it work?

Information at your fingertips

The personal landing page of the bowtie platform enables you to quickly find information relevant to you and your job. It allows you to determine which tasks are more critical than others, in the context of mission critical processes.

Risk communication
Risk communication

Push important messages

The ‘message of the day’ functionality allows you to share news or safety alerts that are important to share on a given day, targeted to specific people. The content of these messages can both be texts as well as video.

Allocate immediate precaution or verification actions

Through the bowtie platform, it is possible to allocate audits, incidents and improvement actions to individuals. These activities will appear on their personal landing pages.

Risk communication

The software features making it possible

The features used for this solution:

  • customizable personal landing page
  • message of the day
  • surveys and actions assigned to you
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