Implementation Support

We are happy to assist you with implementing barrier-based risk management in your organization. We do this together with our global network of partners.

Training in methods & tools
We can assist you, in different ways, in the use of our software products and the application of barrier based methods. These barrier based methods can be used for risk identification, risks assessments, incident analysis, compliance frameworks, risk based audits and human factors. During training and events, organized by us or one of our value added partners, you can learn more about these methods.
Network event

Meet us at conferences, seminars and industry events

We encourage you to attend seminars and events that explore the latest developments in risk management and/or in your industry. Some of these conferences are organized by independent branch organizations from your industry (e.g. CCPS). In a number of occasions, we initiate industry specific events in which we involve our partners. Furthermore, we organize our bi-annual global network event to bring peers together and share our latest (product) developments with both clients and partners.
Implementation support
Scoping sessions, pilots and project support
From time to time we are asked to assist in the introduction and implementation of barrier management solutions in complex organizations. Therefore we engage in a handful of scoping sessions and pilots every year, to ensure a sensible approach and a successful introduction of barrier based methods and products to meet your objectives. Together with our partners, we are also able to assist in populating the software with your data and the introduction of these methods and tools to your employees.
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Knowledge sharing
We offer a range of online possibilities for you to get familiar or refresh your method/software skills. On our YouTube channel, we share both methodology and software instruction videos. In addition, we offer e-learning modules, a knowledge base, case studies, white papers, blog articles and news items on a variety of topics that may be of interest to you. Furthermore, we have a Bowtie Examples Library with about 400 examples of risk assessment diagrams gathered from more than 10 industries.
Templated solutions
A number of our partners offer template solutions that make it very easy for you to implement barrier management into your organization. One of these initiatives is the BowTie Complete initiative for the aviation industry from our partner Across Safety Development and the Common Aviation Risk Models project from our partner The Aloft Group.
Software experts
Software as a service
We offer our clients the possibility to acquire our products ‘as a service’. We can host the software for you (using Microsoft Azure), we can manage this central environment for you, we can assist in populating the software with your data, and we offer payment schemes that allow you to spread the investment over a period of time.
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