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Develop and manage SMS

Identify and manage operational, tactical and strategic risks – at all levels of the enterprise.

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Learn from incidents

Learn from incidents, spot and report ‘close calls’ and strengthen your SMS.

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Monitor standards

Monitor company-, project- and Rail Industry Standards (RIS).

Some of our clients in the rail & transport industry

train_rail_and_transport icon Barrier based risk management in Rail & Transport

In the rail and transport industry accidents often have a huge impact on machines and people. Organizations in the rail industry are often complex organizations with people on various levels that deal with risk on a daily basis. One of the challenges is to actively engage (non-risk) management teams so that individuals throughout the organization are proactively involved in the day-to-day management of risks.

The bowtie suite offers solutions that help understand and manage risk at all levels. Currently, over 60 customers in various disciplines are using our software as part of their SMS, amongst them are:

  • freight operators
  • passenger operators
  • infrastructure managers

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The London North Eastern Railway, formerly known as Virgin Trains East Coast, developed a bowtie to be used as both a risk assessment and a project plan. In case of a strike, the company has two weeks to organize contingency operations. Learn how they use bowtie to ensure operations are just as safe as during normal operations. Click on the case study below.

Some of our customer success stories

We wanted to visualize company critical processes and be able to easily present and communicate them, both internally as externally. We also wanted to see which barriers were critical and/ or weak, for management to be able to take the necessary measures. Assigning barriers to individuals, allows them to focus on those issues they should worry about. I don’t think we would have achieved all of this with any other product than BowTieXP.
Strukton Rail
Strukton rail
We want to understand our risks in a way that highlights the ‘many to many’ relationships between various causes and consequences. At the same time, it is important that we actively engage our wider management teams so that more individuals are proactively involved in the day to day management of our risks. BowTieXP has proved to be a highly effective yet simple way to help us achieve this, with its ability to present potentially complex risks in a simple, graphical manner, tailored to each particular audience.  The power to edit risk components ‘on the fly’, using an intuitive user interface is a great way to engage non-risk colleagues in meetings!
Mersey Rail
Mersey rail

Rail & Transport Industry


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