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Discover common failures

Discover common failures and strengthen your Safety Management System (SMS).

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Develop and monitor Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as part of your SMS.

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Learn from incidents

Learn from incidents and ‘near misses’ and improve risk-based decision making.

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What are the hazards in your organization and what do you have in place to manage these hazards and their accompanying risks? You may have many controls and preventative barriers implemented in your operation to prevent incidents, but how can incidents still happen when you have all those controls? Learning from incidents is a reactive way to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your barriers.

Using the bowtie methodology is a way of gaining more insight in the causality of seemingly independent events and conditions and developing a systematic way of assuring control over hazards.

Already more than 180 aviation clients have implemented our software as part of their Safety Management System. Amongst them are:

  • airport-operators
  • air traffic controllers
  • airline-operators (flight- and maintenance operations)
  • regulators and authorities

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Learn how other clients used our software products to improve safety across the company.

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Projects that benefit the industry

Some of our clients and partners took our BowTieXP software to the next level and initiated projects to benefit the entire industry.

Some of our customer success stories

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BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualize complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk-based improvement plans.
Civil Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority
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Delta Air Lines, Inc.
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