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Develop and monitor SOP

Develop and monitor Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as part of your SMS.

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Learning from incidents

Learn from incidents in order to respond effectively when emergencies occur.

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Risk & Compliance

Monitor safety management systems and ensure compliance with standards.

Some of our defense clients

security shield icon Barrier based risk management in defense

Due to its nature, the defense industry is one filled with risks. In order to reduce risks and improve safety, it is necessary that there is a safety management system in place that shows if controls are really working as planned, and that helps everyone to follow the applicable safety standards.

The bowtie methodology helps at all levels of the organization with risks being understood, accounted for and integrated into plans and the way that your organization operates.

Various defense customers have implemented our software as part of their Safety Management System (SMS), namely:

  • manufacturers of military technology
  • militaries and air forces
  • ministries of defense
  • regulators

documents written communication publications article checklist worksheets forms papers cases reports archive icon  Example bowtie

Below a bowtie example related to the defense industry. More bowties can be found in the library.

Enlarge bowtie

Projects that benefit the industry

Some of our clients and partners took our BowTieXP software to the next level and initiated projects to benefit the entire industry.

Some of our customer success stories

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We use bowties for a variety of purposes, from hazard identification to incident analyses.
Military Aviation Authority (MAA)
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Defense Industry


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Industry bowties

Some examples of barrier based bowtie diagrams in the defense industry:

BowTieXP: fire during flight (.jpg)

Find bowtie examples that were created by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) and the Ministry of Defence, via the website.

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