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Process- and personal safety

Identify and manage operational, tactical and strategic risks across the enterprise.

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Barrier based risk management

Managing high consequence events and sustaining incident-free operations.

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Learn from incidents

Learn from incidents in order to improve risk-based decision making.

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Oil and Gas logos and bowties Barrier based risk management in oil & gas

Working with hydrocarbons is a hazardous business. The oil and gas industry has learned through various large scale incidents that managing the risks is a vital part of the business.

In the midst of the industry’s current market correction, we have to remain committed to improving safety performance. How do you know, you’re investing in the right safety controls? Gaining full understanding of risks, learning from incidents and implementing those learnings into the management system has never been more important.

Throughout the oil & gas industry the bowtie software is used in various disciplines to do just that:

  • drilling
  • service providers
  • exploration & production
  • refining
  • offshore & onshore
  • retail

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Learn how other clients used our software products to improve safety across the company.

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Some of our customer success stories

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Bowtie has revolutionized the way we perform risk assessments, it has given us a clear picture of how we can be proactive before an event and how we can ensure we are prepared to respond after.
Oil and Gas logos and bowties
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