Visualize & quantify risk assessments

Calculate ‘top event’ frequency using Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) or create your own methods to quantify your risk assessment.


Process Safety

Management of processes with hazardous chemicals. Identify and manage operational, tactical and strategic risks across the enterprise.


Monitor compliance

Monitor safety management systems and ensure compliance with standards, e.g: SEVESO, PGS 15, PGS 29, PGS 30 and PGS 31.

Some of our clients in the chemical industry

Chemicals Barrier based risk management in the chemical industry

One of the biggest challenges this industry faces is having an enterprise-wide view of its processes and what risks they pose to people and the environment. How do you make sure that you are in control on a daily basis, when working in a highly complex organization?

In order to provide a safe work environment, it is necessary that there is a safety management system in place that shows if controls are really working as planned and that helps everyone to follow safety standards and improve safety across the enterprise.

With our software, we offer a way to centralize all bowtie, incident and audit information in a single diagram or database, enabling organizations to control risks and improve safety.

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Below a bowtie example related to the chemical industry. More example bowties can be found in the library.

Bowtie Diagram 
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Projects that benefit the industry

Some of our clients and partners took our BowTieXP software to the next level and initiated projects to benefit the entire industry.

Some of our customer success stories

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We have found bowtie very powerful in incident investigation and believe there is great benefit in improved communication and visualization of complex incident scenarios.

Chemical Industry


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Industry bowties

Some examples of bowties in the chemical industry:

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