Transform your nursing research infrastructure

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Save time while fostering accountability with transparency of research projects

  • Save time, which is costly to organizations, while fostering accountability within the nursing team.
  • Executive Dashboard allows leaders to monitor project progression seamlessly, ensuring alignment with institutional goals.
  • Transparency eliminates project duplication.

Provides just-in-time education to build competence for all skill levels

  • Eliminate breakdown and stalled projects
  • Just-in-time guidance for practitioners with limited EBP and research backgrounds
  • Standard instruction helps to ensure end users will follow the same process and understand the approach.

Standardize and streamline your programs to facilitate the spread of best practices systemwide

  • Ensuring consistency, quality, and best practices in EBP and QI endeavors
  • Serves as searchable research repository for projects and supports forming Magnet® stories across the institution

Strengthen and collaborate across your teams, eradicating silos

  • Positively impacts collaboration, attitudes, and burnout
  • Decreases workload and non-value add activities associated with project work
  • Infrastructure that supports a culture of learning and improvement
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Nurse leaders’ experience with Ovid Synthesis

Ovid Synthesis is transformation in a box.
–Chief Clinical Transformation Officer
Ovid Synthesis can seriously help us to cut down the amount of time that's required to synthesize literature.
- Director for Research, EBP, and Analytics
It will facilitate systemwide tracking which will save people time so that they can focus on implementation. Tracking will provide the opportunity to see what others are doing.
– Vice President, Nursing Education, and Professional Practice, Nursing Office, Medicine Institute
Ovid Synthesis allows structured standardization of templates and workflow to improve QI. It allows for communication across teams and supports interprofessional collaboration; it 'de-silos’ improvement efforts.
– Assistant Dean Clinical Innovation for Quality Improvement
We're looking to Ovid Synthesis to help us with harvesting stories, collecting, recording, and documenting all of our outcomes. Since Magnet has become more empirical-based, this is a treasure trove for us to be able to house all of the improvement work that's happening in our organization.
- Associate Chief Nurse for Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice

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