Health Language partners leverage our curated data, advanced software, and expert services to further empower and enhance their own solutions. We’ll manage the data, so you can focus on your solutions, customers, or objectives.

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Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)


We can make your data more meaningful so you can deliver expert solutions to your clients 

Reference Data Management 

Establish a single source of truth for all reference data and standard terminologies. Our team of terminology experts ensure our partners always have the latest data released from the standards bodies, so you can rest assured knowing you have the most accurate data flowing into your own applications.  

Interoperability and Data Normalization 

Translate and normalize clinical, claims, and business data by mapping disparate data to the appropriate, industry recognized standard. Leverage our mapping software or team of terminology experts to ensure you have a consistent foundation of quality data. 


Clinical Interface Terminology 

Ensure your point-of-care applications recognize and support provider friendly terminology and can map back to industry standards to optimize search and documentation of problems, diagnoses, medical devices, laboratory tests, medications and more. 

Clinical Natural Language Processing 

Leverage the clinical insights trapped in unstructured data sources within patients medical records to ensure you have the most comprehensive, accurate view of the patient’s health. 

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