LWW Health Library offers more than electronic texts. Access and search essential texts easily, as well as rich, interactive multimedia ancillary content like procedural videos, images, real-life case studies, and quiz banks tailored by specialty.

In addition to health science schools and hospitals, these resources are a must-have for related educational, residency, and fellowship programs — ensuring you have the resources you need to effectively support curriculum for your students’ and residents’ foundational learning and clinical practice needs.

Each discipline-specific LWW Health Library combines Lippincott® eBooks, multimedia, cases, and quizzes in one convenient online portal. Develop high performers in the classroom, on rounds with attendings and patients, and on exams. Libraries for Cardiology, Pediatrics, and Lippincott Board Prep are now available.

Key features of LWW Health Libraries:

  • Highly-rated Lippincott reference and textbooks
  • Video clips of techniques, procedures, and physiological processes
  • Multiple-choice Q&A to gauge performance and target areas for remediation*
  • Regular content updates as new book editions publish or ancillary content is acquired/updated*
  • Content that is sharable with classmates and colleagues
  • Advanced semantic search that guides users to results displayed by title, chapter, topic, and/or type of resource
  • Responsive design for browsing content on computer, tablet, or smartphone with ease
  • Downloadable book chapters for note taking or to print
  • Integration with Ovid MEDLINE® surfaces journal content relevant to chapter topics
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New Health Libraries

Doctor and patient together in exam room talking

Family Medicine

  • Provides full set of foundational knowledge required by the ACGME’s Family Medicine Program Requirements and recommended in the AAFP’s Family Medicine Curriculum Guidelines
  • 32 titles included and 5,461 questions and detailed answers across the collection in 7 titles
  • 300 videos throughout the collection (procedures, ultrasound, emergency med, ortho diagnosis) from 8 titles

Doctor giving person eye exam.


  • Includes content from definitive, field-leading texts such as The Wills Eye Manual, the Wills Eye Atlas & Synopsis series, Walsh & Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology, and Chern’s Review of Ophthalmology
  • 160 + clinical videos covering all surgical rotation areas as well as in-office procedures and imaging modalities
  • 1,000+ questions from Chern’s Review Questions in Ophthalmology

Doctor and patient speaking together in exam room

PA Core Education

  • Can be integrated into lectures and review sessions
  • Great for review, self-assessment, and exam preparation (including PANCE Exam review) using Q&A
  • 37 must-have textbooks, including must-have, authoritative content covering the anatomical and basic sciences
  • Over 70 videos to enhance understanding and study

Doctor working on a patient with electrodes


  • 24 books for core and elective resident and fellowship rotations
  • More than 4,300 videos (including echo loops), over 100 clinical cases, and nearly 6,000 multiple-choice Q&A*
  • Plus! Content from three Lippincott journals (for subscribers only)

Doctor holding a young child


  • 32 books covering core topics and subspecialties
  • Over 300 clinical videos depicting numerous case types
  • Over 2,200 multiple-choice Q&A*
  • Plus! Content from six Lippincott journals (for subscribers only)

Young female student working on a laptop

Lippincott Board Prep

  • All-in-one board prep and learning solution
  • Simulated practice exams for USMLE, COMLEX, and PANCE
  • Thousands of review questions geared toward USMLE, COMLEX, and PANCE content
  • Mobile friendly so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime

Need resources by specialty or more specific learning solutions for resident and fellowship programs? Select from a variety of Health Library resources to meet your needs.

*Subscription model only

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