LWW Health Library is far more than electronic texts—providing highly intuitive, interactive access and simple search capabilities to essential texts, as well as rich multimedia ancillary content comprised of procedural videos, images, real-life case studies and quiz banks specifically tailored for the specialty.

In addition to health science schools and hospitals, these resources are a must-have for related educational, residency, and fellowship programs—ensuring you have the resources you need to effectively support curriculum for your students’ and residents’ foundational learning and clinical practice needs.

Key features of LWW Health Library:

  • Highly-rated references: Trusted, core texts from Lippincott®, making it a one-stop, digital portal for authoritative content paired with industry-leading functionality
  • Content updates regularly: As new editions publish, ancillary content is acquired, and/or as authors supply clinical, practice-changing updates to their content
  • Advanced semantic search: Guides users to results displayed by title, chapter, topic, and/or type of resource
  • PubMed citations: Links to the most relevant PubMed results based on the chapter the user is viewing
  • Responsive design: Browse content on your computer, tablet or smartphone with ease
  • Print/save a chapter: Users are able to download chapters via PDF for easy access to content when offline—for note taking or to print
  • Multimedia ancillary content: Access videos, images, Q&A, and more
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